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    Has Anyone Purchased A HomePod?

    yes i like it ^^
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    Has Anyone Purchased A HomePod?

    Thank me ^^
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    I'm looking for a movie "watch list" app that can ...

    Roku has a "MyFeed" include that pretty much does that. I use it yet additionally have a Roku gadget so I don't know whether you can simply make a Roku record and use it or in the event that you have to have an enrolled Roku. I don't feel that it covers sources like Redbox either however maybe...
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    Has Anyone Purchased A HomePod?

    The greatest disadvantage is Siri. Be that as it may, for our utilization, it controls what brilliant home things we have. Selling my Alexa stuff. The speaker is simply superior...and I've generally needed a decent speaker separated from my home theater framework. It fits that bill. I attempted...