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    No Audio with Dock Connector

    I did a hard reset to my phone and it works now IF you say yes to the "switch to Airplane" message. Of course then you can't receive any calls. While it was playing, I turned the airplane setting back off and tried calling my phone. The noise that came out of the speakers was excruciating. I...
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    No Audio with Dock Connector

    The audio out works on the included dock!? Why doesn't work with other docks? Does this mean I have buy all new accessories?:angry:
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    No Audio with Dock Connector

    Who is "they" and where did they say it? I was planning on selling my iPod to to help covering the costs, but now I can't listen to it in the car?
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    No Audio with Dock Connector

    I've connected my iPhone to a Jam box I have with a dock connector and also to my car adaptor that uses a dock connector. Neither will produce audio. I can pause the music and advance to the next song, but the only sound comes from the iPhone. I thought it was supposed to be a standard iPod...
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    I have my phone. I am in the parking lot! Ask me anything!

    Do they have different colors?
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    "In-Line" Thread

    AT&T store Seawall in Galveston, TX #2!
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    Well, I tried

    I can't either! I keep running Software Update to see if iTunes 7.3 is out yet.
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    iPod Games

    The accelerometer (sp?) opens up all kinds of possibilities!
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    iPod Games

    I haven't seen this mentioned anywhere yet but since it is an "iPod" will you be able to use Apple's iPod games on it?
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    Surprises Waiting for Everyone....

    Where did you find the manual?
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    Camping in Houston or Clear Lake, TX?

    I live in League City also, but I work in Galveston. I plan on going to the AT&T store on the Seawall.
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    Camping in Houston, TX

    AT&T gets my vote
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    The Secret

    I'm not allowed to tell you the secredt but I'll give you two words..... Flux capacitor
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    Purchase Limit @ Apple Store?

    Where can this announcement be found? I have a family plan and I want to get one for both me and my wife.