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  1. spud2007

    Thoughts about reception/connectivity

    I have had many issues with my reception/dropped calls. Wanting to know if anyone has this problem also. My razor had 80% better service.
  2. spud2007

    Does anyone actually use their "Favorites" contacts?

    Yes, I love my favs. I have too many contacts.
  3. spud2007

    iPhone slot sticks out a little

    It doesn't have to be docked.
  4. spud2007

    hardware malfunction?

    They are sensors. haha don't worry.
  5. spud2007

    what accessories did u get with your iPhone ?

    Belkin Holster Case, isn't too good, but somewhat pleased.
  6. spud2007

    Have You Dropped Your iPhone?

    no, not yet knock on wood.:laugh2:
  7. spud2007

    iPhone got almost as many looks as the new bride!

    haha that is great. I try to hide mine when I'm around a lot of people so I don't have to show them and tell them they can't hold it.
  8. spud2007

    My countdown has BEGUN!

    I really really appreciate you for serving for our country. Thank you so much. Good luck on your way home, your iPhone will blow your mind. It is amazing.
  9. spud2007

    What's your favorite feature (unique)?

    Just wanted to know some of your favorite features were about the phone in case i am missing out on some.
  10. spud2007

    Checking voicemail outside service area?

    You should be able to. Not 100% though sorry
  11. spud2007

    Chrome piece sucks agree?

    I know it sucks man. I am about to return my phone.
  12. spud2007

    ****for Everyone With Low Volume***

    Agreed.... The volume ringer and speaker phone is a little hard to hear. Once the recipient answers the call its fine though (ring out is kind of hard to hear).
  13. spud2007

    How do I...?

    what he said.....
  14. spud2007

    Happily Returning iPhone & Getting Blackberry Back...

    You are crazy, go get your cheap blackberry back. Its Been 2 weeks, of course there are going to be a few glitches off the launch. The first update will help a few of your problems. Settle down and give it a chance maybe.
  15. spud2007

    car chargers.

    I thought the XtremeMac InCharge Auto Charger looked pretty good. Anyone know.
  16. spud2007

    Best clear protection in my opinion

    I just ordered the crystal from the Apple store. I will let you know how it holds up etc when I receive it Wed.
  17. spud2007

    The Ultimate iPhone Software Update Discussion Thread

    yes does anyone know how about you will go about the update. Yay for next week, if thats true of course.:laugh2:
  18. spud2007

    iPhone 360 animation

    haha that would be sweet!:laugh2:
  19. spud2007

    iPhone slot sticks out a little

    Just push straight down and give it a little push, if it doesn't pop out move the paper clip around until you feel you are touch the spring loaded pin. Straight down and you are good.
  20. spud2007


    Yes, it does lag sometimes. Depends how many pages, bandwidth, and apps you are running. But, it is nothing to fret about. I love it.