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  1. Dre180

    Question about tethering on iPhone 5

    Sorry if this has been asked before, I couldn't find anything on it. I recently got the iPhone 5 and new iPad (wi-fi version as 4g wasn't released yet). I am one of the lucky ones who still has unlimited data on my Verizon plan. Since I do, I thought I'd ask about tethering. Now I'm not opposed...
  2. Dre180

    Ladies and gents..the mini reviews are rolling in!
  3. Dre180

    Ordered a Mini, having second thoughts...

    Hey all, As my title states i'm having second thoughts about the mini I ordered and if I made the right decision. I have never owned an iPad. I've Always wanted to, but could never justify having one as I've always had an iPhone and MBP. Now that i'll be replacing the MBP with a new iMac...
  4. Dre180

    i just got a job with AT&T!

    maybe i could misplace a couple of boxes of iPhones so i could sell them to all of you who actually really want one, instead of the people who are getting one just to think they're cool lol........
  5. Dre180

    slingbox and HSDPA? could it be?

    is there any chance that story on the front page of this website is legitimate? i know nothing is in stone here but slingbox support on the iPhone would be absolutely sick. and possible HSDPA? i don't even know what to say if those things came to life on the iPhone.
  6. Dre180

    Why do people hate the iPhone?

    just wanted to say what's up. i can't take hofo anymore and their constant negativity toward the iPhone, or anything that isn't a cutting edge nokia. (i currently have an n80 btw). that being said, i've been lurking here for a while, and really like this forum for real discussions on the iPhone...