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  1. spud2007

    Thoughts about reception/connectivity

    I have had many issues with my reception/dropped calls. Wanting to know if anyone has this problem also. My razor had 80% better service.
  2. spud2007

    What's your favorite feature (unique)?

    Just wanted to know some of your favorite features were about the phone in case i am missing out on some.
  3. spud2007

    What case?

    I want to buy a case that protects the chrome bezel. Do the silicone cases work well, attract dirt etc. If so what one, if not what one.
  4. spud2007

    iPod BMW work with iPhone?

    I have an iPod your BMW kit. Does the iPhone work with it. Anyone tried?
  5. spud2007

    Chrome piece sucks agree?

    Does this chrome piece show scratches like hell? Dumb design.
  6. spud2007

    Any loving new cases?

    Trying to find a case. Post thoughts on your case.
  7. spud2007

    How to add an app?

    sorry im lazy and new how do you add an app games etc?
  8. spud2007

    Invisible Shield Yes or No?

    Purchase a shield or not? That's the ultimate question. Do I need to cover up my beautiful iPhone screen with a protector? Is it worth it? I welcome your advice.
  9. spud2007

    What's your favorite case?

    I have the belkin holster case and just wanted to know what your opinions were on a good case to purchase.
  10. spud2007


    Can you apply different ringers such as iTunes music etc. custom ringers? more info please