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  1. methcat

    Got a STORM, not impressed

    do any blackberries have threaded texts?
  2. methcat

    iPhone 3G Cases Customer Review Section

    I am a hugeee fan of incase's cases! I had one for my original iPhone, and now have one for my 3g. I love this color, it's so ridiculous! the only problem...
  3. methcat

    iPhone 3G Reception Survey

    I live about 10 minutes north of San Francisco, I haven't experienced any problems! I always have 3G!
  4. methcat

    Post Pics of your 3G Case Here.

    I'm area code 415 too, yeeeeee!
  5. methcat

    What's the deal with Vaja?

    i have the small vaja case, the grip or something, and i really like it! in oragne hhaha i want one in yellow or something obnoxious i love my vaja case!
  6. methcat

    So, how many other people have you seen with an iPhone?

    i see them EVERYWHERE. there are at least 10 people at my school who have them and I see them on the streets all the time at like whole foods and stuff haha
  7. methcat

    I'm bored! What are your favorite games and websites formatted for the iPhone?

    I'm really bored! What are your fav iPhone formatted games and websites?
  8. methcat

    MacBook Pro MacBook or MacBook Pro

    MBP! i just switched from a PC to a macbook pro and I loveee it! I don't do "pro" things with it but I liked the bigger screen haha, it's a 15 inch because I thought 17 would be too big. yayayay.
  9. methcat

    Aim express=text message works pretty well!
  10. methcat

    Recent evidence suggests iPhone may cause sudden personality shifts.

    I have used PC's all of my life, and then when I got the iPhone, I thought I should get a mac too! I just got a macbok pro a week ago and I am IN LOVE with it! I still have my sony vaio and I've had to go on it to access a few files, but everytime I do I feel really annoyed because it...
  11. methcat

    # to text to see how many texts you've sent/received?

    Hi everyone! I have unlimited texting on my iPhone and I was wondering if there was a number you could text to see how many texts you've sent and received! Thanks guys!
  12. methcat

    forced Facebook mobile?

    maybe try clearing the cookies?
  13. methcat

    forced Facebook mobile?

    for me if i go to I get regular facebook ... and if I go to I get the iPhone facebook ... I haven't had any crossovers or anything!
  14. methcat

    iPhone sighting on TV Show

    spencer has one on the hills!
  15. methcat

    HUGE iPhone Purchase at Apple Store Last Night

    my parents both have black amexes! I don't know how much they use the concierge though. But there are a TON of perks. And that's a ton of iPhones to buy!
  16. methcat

    So, how many other people have you seen with an iPhone?

    I go to high school in northern california and I've seen some people at my school with them! not many though, like, four or five people.
  17. methcat

    iTunes music store error after downloading 7.4

    So last night I downloaded 7.4. Everything was working fine before! I was in the music store listening to songs. Then my friend told me that we could now download ringtones or something, so I downloaded it. After the download, my music store stopped working. I got the message, "iTunes could...
  18. methcat

    i told you so

    i totally agree my friends were like omg you're such a dork you got it right when it came out! but I've been happy with it and if I lost it or something I'd get another one! I love my iPhone!
  19. methcat

    I must be the biggest idiot on the planet....

    You were not scammed. You got what you paid for. Your phone still works, there's absolutely nothing wrong with it. You got it early, that's the price you had to pay. Stop complaining about it.