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  1. clausenfan

    Activation question

    How much do they do with old iPhone at activation? Im in Nashville Tennessee for a baseball tourney but have an opportunity to go to get a 3g iPhone today. only problem is that I left my laptop at home, and my v1 phone is jailbroken. Would this be a problem, do they even look at phone?
  2. clausenfan

    Are you going to camp?

    I was thinking about it, do you think it will be as big as the first iPhone?' cant wait for the 11thv:laugh2:
  3. clausenfan


    when will the keynote e put u on
  4. clausenfan

    iPod sounds issues?

    My speakers work for ringtones, but when i try to listen to music on ipod part through speakers it doesn't work. What could the problem be
  5. clausenfan

    This accessory is not compatible with the iPhone message

    Almost everytime i unlock my iPhone from sleep mode the message "this accessories is not compatible with the iPhone message". It isn't plugged into anything, ive tried to restart it with the ten second reset with no luck. Any ideas?
  6. clausenfan


    I wish Apple would just tell us when the next phone was coming, i originally thought there would be a small like 16 gig release update. Now that holiday shopping is less than 2 days from starting up big time i don't see it happening anymore. I hope they at least say something at macworld about V2.
  7. clausenfan

    new features or not?

    Do u think the next iPhone will be just memory upgrade or have stuff like 3g added on?
  8. clausenfan

    Still want iPhone?

    If the new ipod has touch screen capabilities and wifi. It will also have at least 16 gig memory. Will the value of the iPhone go down? Think about how many people would pass on iPhone if new ipod has wifi, more memory, and a lower price tag.
  9. clausenfan

    More Memory?

    Does anyone know of a site wer they will put a 16 gig flash stick or anything more than 8 gigs in your iPhone?
  10. clausenfan

    More Memory Before Christmas

    What do u guys think about a 16 gig memory upgrade by christmas. No 3g or any other updates. Just a simple memory update. The technology to do it is here so i was wondering what u guys thought.