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  1. ahduke99

    PUSH in 3.0

    Does PUSH work in the 3.0 beta for anything? I'm registered for the beta and all, but I don't know if I want to install it. Does PUSH work for anything right now, or will I have to wait for app updates for it to work?
  2. ahduke99

    Where on earth is AIM 2.0?

    This was announced at Macworld and was supposed to come out "any day now." For $3 it keeps you connected and sends SMS/email to notify you, plus it's integrated with addressbook. Anyway, has anyone heard anything about its status? It's nearly the end of February and no sign of it.
  3. ahduke99

    iPhone has died!

    Help me. This morning I undocked my iPhone and everything was fine. About 15 minutes later, I pulled it out of my pocket to check the time and I got nothing. I tried turning it off and on and no response. I just plugged it into my dock and no response. I plan on going to the Apple Store...
  4. ahduke99

    Customize just ruined my phone

    so yeah .. I just hit "restore from backup" on my rSBT app within customize and it showed my backup as everything hidden. i didn't hit save cause i didn't need that. i just quit it. i restarted my phone tonight and when i turned it back on, it has a blank springboard with just "iPod" in the top...
  5. ahduke99

    Official: 3rd Party App SDK in Feburary 2008 Let me just say it: We want native third party applications on the iPhone, and we plan to have an SDK in developers’ hands in February. We are excited about creating a vibrant third party...
  6. ahduke99

    Jailbreaking and Installing 1.1.1 Tutorial Using Newest Method

    Ok, so here's how I got it working. You should be running apptap in no time! first, open the exploit in mobile safari. let it crash the browser. then follow these instructions 5...
  7. ahduke99


    Does everyone's earbuds have lower volume coming out from the left side than the right? when i talk or listen to music, the left earbud is barely audible, while the one on the right is as loud as i need it. is this common? will Apple replace them if they are defected? I mean, i bought on iDay...
  8. ahduke99

    iPhone Downgrading Error

    Ok, so I've tried all the instructions. Method C with iTunes 7.3.2 doesn't work as it wont talk to my phone unless its 7.4 .. i even uninstalled 7.3.2 and quicktime and reinstalled them just to make sure. i still had the same issue. now i put my phone in recovery mode, and its telling me "the...
  9. ahduke99

    Apple Shares hit $153!

    Hooray! God bless Apple! Today, Apple shares surged to close at an all-time high of $153.18 including a climb from $151.90 to $153.18 in the final 30 minutes of trading. What a wonderful day ahead of the iPhone update!
  10. ahduke99

    Great, I'm starting anew!

    So i restored my phone to wipe away my 3rd party apps and while restoring, it tells me "restore timed out while waiting for iPhone software to restart" or something along those lines .. joy! i guess i get to start over and lose everything on my phone! anyone had this happen when they...
  11. ahduke99

    ApolloIM hits 1.0 so its out .. and i need to install it. i am ashamed it doesn't have gtalk on it yet.
  12. ahduke99

    keyboard freezes by emailing

    so when I email things from this phone, the keyboard freeZes constantly! I have to wait 30 seconds or so before it catches up enough to type a message. The emails aren't loading to cause lag...I'm not really sure why this just an issue with all iPhones?
  13. ahduke99

    Major Update coming at Media Event Tuesday?,3763149922 It would make sense to see a major update in time for the european launch. i'd be giddy with excitement if chat, mms, etc. ..was added!
  14. ahduke99

    hooray! new feature in new update!

    we'll have a double tap the space bar to make periods! check page 61. so at least we'll get -itunes store -double tap space bar for "." -double tap home button for ipod controls