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  1. ebrunn

    Sued Apple in small claims........and won

    Actually I consider myself a republican.:tounge: Judge sure didn't think it was a "puss ass lawsuit" when he awarded me judgment. Sorry that Apple Inc decided not to show up and defend themselves. Yes. Me asking for what I paid for the phone is going to drive up costs. I should have asked...
  2. ebrunn

    Sued Apple in small claims........and won

  3. ebrunn

    3G SPEED issues for V2

    The general consensus is that it is being done for battery life.
  4. ebrunn

    Golf skycaddie for iPhone

    The iPhone uses A-GPS. It first uses cell towers and wifi to get a rough area of where you are first while GPS gets info from the satellites for a true fix. It is both faster and more accurate than regular gps.
  5. ebrunn

    Is this true that about the 3G?

    The $199 and $299 price points for anybody who signs a new 2-year contract with Att. Att has not yet said if they will sell the phone for anything but those prices. There isn't a trade in program or anything like that if you have a V1 iPhone.
  6. ebrunn

    Golf skycaddie for iPhone

    I would say development of the software costs a lot more then the hardware costs.
  7. ebrunn

    Golf skycaddie for iPhone

    I don't see why companies like Tom Tom and Skycaddie would make software for phones when they make money selling their own hardware. Why buy a Tom Tom GPS when you can buy just the software for your phone?:confused:
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    with no monthly service charges:wink:
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    Seeing how it would be considered to be "bandwidth hogging", I don't think they will allow it on the SDK.
  10. ebrunn

    All this Complaining=

    Less of a line for me to wait in.:cool: Maybe some folks will skips the lines, making it less of a wait to get the new iPhone.
  11. ebrunn

    iPhone 3G's True Price Compared

    Jesus Christ. How many more threads are there gonna be about this? Difference between V1 and V2? One is subsidized and the other is not. Same with every other phone out there. Do the math. Of course the one where the cell company is paying half the price of the phone its gonna be more...
  12. ebrunn

    200 dollars for an iPhone?

    Its low because its being subsidized by Att
  13. ebrunn

    Who's not buying a 3G iPhone?

    Poll would have been nice:rolleyes: The 3G connection is gonna make so many great apps possible on the iPhone. Cant wait for the Slingbox player. That MLB app? Wow. Whenever someone hacks the thing for tethering, that will be a great day.
  14. ebrunn

    Still get charged $30 if you don't have 3G in your area?

    Yeah, I don't have 3G in my area either.
  15. ebrunn

    inside scoop on iPhone 2

    According to the Att Spokesmen, it just will replace your current contract, and start a new one. Did not mention a cancel fee.
  16. ebrunn

    iPhone 3G is the same price.

    Have fun with that EDGE connection then:rolleyes:
  17. ebrunn

    iPhone 3G is the same price.

    What the hell did you expect Att to do? Charge less for faster internet?:rolleyes:
  18. ebrunn

    Are you going to upgrade?

    All i wanted was 3g. Just wait till this gets hacked to tether to a laptop. That will be worth the extra $10 in data charges right there.
  19. ebrunn

    Sued Apple in small claims........and won

    Thanks spelling police
  20. ebrunn

    Wanna play Travian? New server starting NOW! Plays great on iPhone. Very addictive.

    Ill play to pass the time till tomorrow name is ebrunn