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    Just moving to our new server, had a small hiccup with some config files. No data is lost, so it should be up by this afternoon. Sorry for any inconvenience! With that said, if a mod wants to close this thread that'd be great, no reason to clutter these forums with our public announcements! ;)
  2. P always down?

    I wouldn't normally use another forum as a public service announcement, but I came across this thread while Googling my site, and figured I'd at least let people know what was up with the site since there were 4 or 5 people saying the site didn't run, etc. I'm sure you'd do the same if you saw...
  3. P always down?

    Sorry guys, with the popularity of ModMyiPhone and our other site on the same server (, we have been quickly pushed into needing a new server again. ;) Stick with us, all issues will be cleaned up within a week. Glad ya'll like the site, we're pushing the modding envelope and...
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    Everything I need to mod my iPhone?

    I live to serve. ;)
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    Everything I need to mod my iPhone?

    Something like this?
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    Here's what I'm seeing I need for 1st round updates

    Yah, they were POP3. I know, I know, thats my issue. Still sucks.
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    Here's what I'm seeing I need for 1st round updates

    Here's just a bit of my list... Mail Mail has to be my biggest let-down with the iPhone. I was REALLY looking forward to being able to effectively manage my Mail while on the go, and am disappointed to find I'm not able to. *sigh*, give me a firmware update, Steve. - No Universal Inbox I...
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    Emails I send come in as new ones

    Yah I'm assuming you are on Gmail. Apple is working on it. Gmail's servers are set up a bit strange to achieve that conversation feel from within Gmail. Messes with thirdparty apps though, like Mail.
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    How to send MMS from your iPhone - THE ANSWER HERE

    You will need to enter the 10 digit number @ ?. US Based Carriers: Alltel = AT&T = Cingular (AT&T) = Einstein PCS = T-Mobile = US Cellular =...
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    What income bracket are you in.. also your age?

    I always wonder why people like this are ON an iPhone forum? Ha.
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    iPhone Application Directory

    We also had something similar here!
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    iPhone training manual images

    Just glad to share. Been dealing with phones a loooooooong time. Looking forward to a new one. :D
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    iPhone training manual images

    Yes, our source is working on getting new info. And no, he can't just take photos of every page of it. The manuals are pretty well secured, getting those images was tough enough. Rest assured, more will come as soon as possible.
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    At&t inside source says $40 required data plan

    Yes, this is a legit piece of info. We have information from our source, who has gotten a look at the manuals and training exercises a little early. No reason to do any site bashing, thats not what we're about.