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    Speed testing iPhone connection

    wifi really is faster I knew my wifi experience was faster, but these numbers really show it Wifi #1 4279 #2 4535 #3 5080 Edge #1 24 #2 34 (didn't do a third time... Too slow) If I didn't have wifi at home, with my poor att coverage, I would be very frustrated.
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    Recent evidence suggests iPhone may cause sudden personality shifts.

    You might now appreciate the incredible frustration long time Mac users have when we are met with windows-only tech people at our workplaces or on some proprietary websites. I had the eye opening experience of the Mac simplicity when I was dragged kicking and screaming from a PC to a Mac 20...
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    So who's holding off on the update?

    Yes... I can see your frustration. I posted my success story to just remind people in this thread there are those of us who have been happy with the phone as is and have enjoyed this rather significant update. The issue of all the modifications, I think, is more of a problem of Apple...
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    Thoughts on iPhone 1.1.1

    It seems everytime someone does a regular old restore or even just a reset, yahoo push will work for a while. Please let us know if yours continues to work after a few days or if this was just another reset-work for a day situation. Thanks! Holly
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    So who's holding off on the update?

    already updated... love it! Both my husband and I updated and we love it! He has a 4 gig and I have an 8 gig. We have no modifications. Update went smooth and pretty quick for both of us. I like the new SMS ring tones... I love the TV out... the double click home key is nice.... the...
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    Even three year olds can do it!

    I work in a preschool with two to four year old kids. Twice, I used my iPhone to shoot some photos of the kids. Both times, after I showed them their pictures, these three year old kids (different days, different classes) instantly reached over and flipped on the touch screen to scroll...
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    snagged a Levenger case for my iPhone

    which one? link or photo please
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    AT&T texts

    I was told something different... I was told by two ATT people that the choices for the iPhone are the 200 that come with the basic $20 plan or $10 for 1500 messages... that's it. The iPhone is not included in any ATT to ATT free messages plan. For example: the family plan...
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    Official iPhone Software Update 1.0.2 Discussion

    I just sent a photo to my .mac web gallery - worked fine. What is the problem you are having?
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    What is the average age of people that have an iPhone?

    I'll be 43 in a month. My husband will be 43 in a week. I guess we pulled the average up a bit! These posts reflect the smaller subset of iPhone users who ALSO read and post on this forum ... I would guess forum readers arr younger on average.
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    Ladies Thread!

    thanks! I will try these.
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    Ladies Thread!

    Love it! I've had mine since the first day... I love it! I also change my wallpapers daily. I also change the ring tone several times a week. Most of the people who notice and comment about my phone are men... interesting! If I wasn't already married, it might be a good conversation...
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    Post your iPhone V1 and 3G pics!

    poor lighting problem is not a focus problem " you can see with poor lighting it seems to have a hard time focusing." Hi all - This is my first time posting to everythingiPhone. The problem with this photo isn't actually a focus problem (though that is often how people describe...