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  1. fithgear66

    iPad 2 travelcase/notepad

    Looking for a travelcase/case with a fold open top to display a notepad to scribble notes on for quick note taking. any suggestions? tried googling to no avail.
  2. fithgear66

    Just got my iPad 2! 3 weeks later...

    Finally got my white iPad 32gb 3G! Ordered on March 12 and expected delivery was April 14, Apple shipped it on the 2nd, FedEx said it would arrive on the 7th but had a nice surprise this afternoon! Smart cover and dock are supposed to arrive this Thursday. Few observations: Safari is much...
  3. fithgear66

    Otterbox new Oh Snap series

    OtterBox released a new case called the Oh Snap Cases. Check em out!,default,pg.html happy april fools day
  4. fithgear66

    Crackberry blogger gives iPad 2 the finger (literally)

    Kevin Michaluk from crackberry was doing a video review of the dimensions between the Blackberry PlayBook and the iPad2. At :56 he gives the iPad the "finger" and goes on the ask, "Did you catch that Phil?" The videographer replies, "I didn't see it." First thing I thought was how...
  5. fithgear66

    Waiting outside Santa Barbara store

    Image has been removed. I always said I could never wait for a product launch so I ordered online. However, it kills me to see delivery date of April 14 for my iPad2. So I went out to breakfast and thought why not give it a try. There's about 100 people in front of me, the store is where the...
  6. fithgear66

    Verizon vs. AT&T

    For those going from their current iPads (ATT) to the new iPad 2's, are you going to stick with your ATT data plan or switch to Verizon? And for new 3G buyers, who will you give your money to? I'm sticking with my current ATT plan, especially after reading about slower data speeds on the...
  7. fithgear66

    Will white iPad 2 be available at launch?

    Did Apple learn their lesson this time round and release the white version along side the black?
  8. fithgear66

    Stuck at end of "restoring iPad software"

    My iPad was jailbroken with Greenpos0in on 4.2.1 and I went to restore because I'm having the iBooks error. So I synced and hit restore, but I've been stuck at the end of the restore for over an hour. I just did a hard reset and the iPad gave me the connect to iTunes image. So I force quit...
  9. fithgear66

    Stuck on "Tri-tone" after jailbreak

    I jailbroke my iPhone4 with Greenpois0n a few days ago. Bought and installed BiteSMS but no matter what settings I had in the app or in general setting, SMS tone would always sound as "Tri-tone". So, I removed bitSMS which didn't help, even after respring and reboot. So I restored in iTunes and...
  10. fithgear66

    iTunes not synching folders

    I'm having issues correctly syncing both my iPad and iPhone to iTunes. It took me ages to sort all my apps into folders on my iPhone, then when 4.2 came out, I synced, backed-up, and updated. When the update was done, all my folders were lost. When I go into iTunes in the "app" tab, it does not...
  11. fithgear66

    Can I suspend my data plan without loosing my unlimited?

    I'm going to Europe next month and I won't be using any data. Can I suspend my data plan without loosing my unlimited plan? And then re-activate when I'm back?
  12. fithgear66

    another AT&T issue

    Hi guys, I've woken up this morning to "no service" on my iPad. Tried a hard reset to no avail. Went into settings and view account and it won't give me the option to log into my account, it goes straight to create a new account. Before I call AT&T who will send me to Apple who will send me back...
  13. fithgear66

    Over 24hrs, still "waiting for activation, this may take some time"

    Helping my brother activate his iPhone 4 and got the "waiting for activation, this may take some time" message. However, it's been more than 24 hours we've been waiting. Just tried calling ATT but there call centers closed. Anything I can try in try in the meantime? His phone number is suspended...
  14. fithgear66

    a problem neither AT&T nor Apple can figure out...

    a problem neither ATT nor Apple can figure out RESOLVED.. Spoke with ATT and Apple for over half an hour combined today trying to figure out my data problem. The call failed, so i gave up, and came here looking for help. -While connected to WiFi, I can open "View Account" in...
  15. fithgear66

    iCafe app thread error

    I'm getting this error message every time I open a new category. Anyone else experiencing the same thing? Also, where is the "news" section on the app? I'm only finding forum posts. Thanks Sent from my iPhone using iCafe app
  16. fithgear66

    incorrect password, but its correct

    Was downstairs in lobby of my hotel using the internet on my macbook and my friend texted me up in our room asking for the password to my iPad. I gave him the password but he said its incorrect. I went up and confirmed that it is indeed saying the password is incorrect. What do I do? If it helps...
  17. fithgear66

    Creating new data plan account

    Hi guys, been reading the tech sites recently and learnt that ATT will stop offering unlimited data plans after or soon after June 7. I went to setting>cellulardata and it currently has my friends username w no password as I bought it off him the day after they released the 3G. I figured I could...
  18. fithgear66

    iPad 3G roaming

    Hi, I'm planning on buy an iPad 3G but next week I am going to Europe for 2 months. Can I roam like I could on my iPhone or I am stuck with the WIFI for 2 months? Thanks
  19. fithgear66

    "app not installed due to not enough space"

    I've been syncing my iPhone with iTunes in order to get a new application on my iPhone. I have 3.49GB free, and the application size is 1.97GB. When I sync, I get a warning saying "The application was not installed on the iPhone because not enough free space was available." I have restarted my...
  20. fithgear66

    Visting UK, will my iPhone work

    Okay so I'm heading over to England tonight from the U.S, and I really hope my iPhone works this time. It has never worked before, I have always had to buy a pay as you go phone. So, what settings should I turn on once I get there? Thanks, fithgear66