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  1. damstr

    For everyone that pre ordered after the 19th

    Let's try to keep this thread updated if your order status changes. I don't expect anything to change until next week sometime.
  2. damstr

    Had my iPhone since Sept of I get the 8gb for $199?

    I originally bought my iPhone back in Sept of 07 and decided to purposely fail the credit check so I didn't have to sign a 2 year contract. 3 months ago I finally got off my a$$ and went in and signed the contract. Now enjoying unlimited messaging and almost quadruple the minutes for the same...
  3. damstr

    Photos duplicated when put into folders?...

    Alright well I know you can't sort the photos that you took with the camera on the iPhone (actually if you can cool but I'm not worried about that now). The photos that I sync from my computer that I put into individual folders show up in iTunes. (Girls, Cars, Misc - Funny) I sync them to my...
  4. damstr

    iPhone won't charge or turn on

    Well I left to go somewhere for the weekend and forgot the wall charger for my iPhone and it eventually died on me a couple hours before I got home. At this point if I pressed any buttons on the iPhone, a battery with a very small amount of red on the left side of the battery would flash and...
  5. damstr

    How do you upgrade the text plan on a gophone account?

    I called att and they said tell the person when I'll call to make my next full payment. Now what does he mean by full payment? I just added money online thinking that might give me more minutes but it didn't. So I'm just a little confused by what he meant by full payment.
  6. damstr

    iPhone keyboard correct tool

    The auto correct tool seems to sometimes be working while others times like typing this post it doesn't give me any suggestions at all. Anyone else have this problem? Oh and if I click done on the keyboard screen to take me back to the web page then click back in the text area sometimes the...
  7. damstr

    Cant receive texts from Verizon users

    Just activated my iPhone yesterday and love it. I can send texts to verizon users but when they try to send me texts they get an error message. I can send and receive texts perfectly fine from other carriers just not verizon. I called ATT but they said the problem was on verizons end since...
  8. damstr

    4GB availability

    Well I went to my local ATT store today planning on buying a 4GB iPhone only to find out their sold out. I'm assuming that they won't be getting anymore since Apple has stopped making them right? Does anyone know if the Apple stores have a lot of them? I tried calling 2 of the ones by me...