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  1. Ldc4S

    1.1.1 anySIM unlocked!

  2. Ldc4S

    Proper way to downgrade iTunes?

    I have iTunes and I want to downgrade back to iTunes 7.3 when there wasn't any ringtone trouble. Is there a certain way to do this?
  3. Ldc4S

    iBrickr releases SIMple downgrade process

    In the latest version of iBrickr.
  4. Ldc4S

    Another iTunes Problem

    I'm on a PC, everytime I exit out of iTunes after I'm through with it, it stays in the task manager. The program itself exits out but it stays hidden in task manager. So I have to actually go to task manager and press End Process for it to completely exit out. Anybody else have this problem...
  5. Ldc4S

    Txt Message Alerts

    I want a txt message alert on my phone. What sound do you guys have when you get a txt? Care to share?
  6. Ldc4S

    Handbrake does not finish encoding

    Using the handbrake software for windows, after selecting the dvd source on my computer and picking the settings I hit encode and it says really quick that encoding is done. But theres no encoded file on my desktop that shows up. That is the destination I picked but it doesn't show there. Any help?