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  1. iMeth

    SMS tones are awful... What happened to custom?

    I've heard somebody here said that 4.2 was going to bring us custom tones for SMS,mails,etc.. I updated and miss my 4.1 JB badly.. FML..
  2. iMeth

    I updated to 4.2.1, missed JBreak already

    Can I just jailbreak via limera1n again? Like when I had it for 4.1? Thanks
  3. iMeth

    did you screen proctect your iPhone 4?

    Curious, I really like the glass touch but worried about scratches and drops.. I already see a tiny hair line on top of my front face camera...
  4. iMeth

    who else would like live wallpapers?

    I'm not talking about something from cydia or the app store but from Apple. The next software update or something... My boss showed me her Samsung facinate and the only thing I liked about the phone was the live wallpapers it was beautiful.. Beautiful lockscreen puzzle and don't say that it...
  5. iMeth

    I can't stand these SMS tones

    These generic bell, horn sounds.. I miss jailbreak... Any thing I can do?
  6. iMeth

    my iPhone 4 clicking noise?

    I noticed it was making a clicking noise when I applied a slight amount of pressure with my finger tip to the back of the phone, sort of the midway point from top to bottom and towards the left side of the phone. It's easily reproducible and starting to drive me nuts as i can hear it with just...
  7. iMeth

    OMG i just got my iPhone 4 ..... please explain

    after losing it last week... I went to an ATT store and picked up 1 with a $200 discount.. paying ($499) came home and wanted to what they updated it already? what is in the update?:dft007:angry
  8. iMeth

    I just preordered through AT&T.. how long does it take for them to charge my account?

    It says 5 days to deliver.. but I need them to charge my account right away.. just in case some funds be taking out prior to them.. so for those who ordered through ATT.. did they charge your bank right away?
  9. iMeth

    gotta love Apple iPhones

    The fact that it doesn't have any carrier sign on the phone. Like how the Droid X has the ugly motorola sign up top and the ugly Verizon sign at the bottom.. All it is, showing off the Apple logo on the back is plenty... Also for those that tried out the evo 4g and such when you power on the...
  10. iMeth

    Damn just ordered my free case from Apple

    The speck won't ship out till oct 20th! Damnit, is the demand that high? Other cases are only 2-3 weeks but mine is 2-3mo. Fml
  11. iMeth

    Good news if you bought your iPhone 4 at Best Buy (regarding return policy)

    I got mine launched unit @Best Buy.. I went and exchanged for a new unit today because they shipped the 2nd patch yesterday. So now I have a brand new second unit.. I will try the deathgrip and see if there is any other issues ie prox sensor etc.. and I got an extended 30 day warranty.. The...
  12. iMeth

    Selling iPhone 4s @Wally,BestBuy&RadioShack

    Just doesn't feel right, it's like this phone is any other phone.. When it was only for sale at the Apple store/ATT and online... Just seems special that way, like the great 07 years.
  13. iMeth

    Do you let people Ghost Armored your iPhone 4?

    I went and got another brand new iPhone 4 today at best buy and they have them ghost armor booth. It's is like invisibleshield but they have best buy employees professionally install them... Well my thing was that the guy thy did my phone sprayed too much water on my brand new phone.. Topic...
  14. iMeth

    Who wants to FaceTime ?

    If you got nobody to do this with.. You can drop me a private info and we will set it up. I'm usually free at night, must be sexy and attractive like me, anything and willing to try on FaceTime. *winks & walking away. ;)
  15. iMeth

    No restocking fee, I'm exchanging for

    The white color.. Since Apple store allowing no restocking fees.. I can either return and get white (if they don't allow an exchange) who else getting white?
  16. iMeth

    My iPhone going naked, wish me luck.

    Me & my iPhone going naked. On launched day, I went to Best Buy and ghost armored my phone for $30. I'm returning that. I stopped by the App store today luckily there was a Bose portable dock, I tried out the bumper case and it didn't fit.. So now I'm going to take out my ghost armored after...
  17. iMeth

    to those that have the Bose portable sound dock 2 and the bumper case from Apple

    can you let me know if it fits the sounddock without having to take off the case.. thanks a lot..
  18. iMeth

    Going through jailbreak withdrawals

    Ahh ever since I got my iPhone4, I'm missing the text sounds and my xxxxxxxxxx.. Errr:dft007:angry
  19. iMeth

    Got my iPhone 4 yesterday went home and backup sync

    then I updated my 3Gs and it has the utilities app on there.. but my new iPhone doesn't? also where is the facetime feature? thanks