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  1. williamrob42

    iPhone 3.1 battery issue!

    This concerns the iPhone 3g s battery related issue. I bought the iPhone 3g s on launch day. Battery was not that great. I finally sold it and just recently this week I bought another iPhone 3g s. The difference in this one verses the one on launch day is the fact that from the factory it has...
  2. williamrob42

    Buying an extra iPhone 3G?

    Just wondering I have the iPhone v1. I know I am going to purchase the new 3g iPhone, but was wondering about buying a second phone. I know I can get one 3g iPhone because I am an iPhone owner now. But what about a second phone? I am not eligible for an upgrade or anything. Is this possible...
  3. williamrob42

    iPhone holding value

    It seems that the original iPhone is holding its own. Prices on Ebay have seem to rise for the iPhone v1 since the announcement of iPhone 3g. At first the iPhone was declining in price on Ebay, but now for whatever reason they have gone back up. Thats good iPhone is the Cadillac of phones...
  4. williamrob42

    Dropped Prices iPhone eBay!

    WOW! The prices for the iPhone v1 have taken a drop on Ebay. That doesn't really surprise anyone. Hey the v1 is still a good phone? :laugh2:
  5. williamrob42

    Getting ready for iPhone 2

    I recently sold my iPhone to get ready for the release of the new iPhone. Now I am using the Palm Centro which is troublesome compared to the iPhone. So guess I will now wait for June 9th. Anyone else preparing for the new iPhone 2 by selling your iPhone 1?
  6. williamrob42

    iPhone makes the Oscars!

    Just seen the iPhone make the appearance on the Oscar Awards! So Cool! This is the Day for the iPhone!
  7. williamrob42

    New Leopard Update for The Mac!

    Just a note for all the Macbook folks. There is a new update out for Leopard which carries some improvements for the Mac. This may also effect those who sync the iPhone with the Mac. Just FYI! A great improvement for the Macworld. Hopefully we will see another iPhone update soon.. Here is...
  8. williamrob42

    Question Concerning iPhone & Edge Network

    I want to know if you can surf the net using Edge and receive an incoming call at the same time. This may have already been posted before. But I was surfing the net using the Edge Network. Meanwhile someone was trying to call me and the call would not go through. The called said they got my...
  9. williamrob42

    Fox News on the iPhone

    This may have already been posted. I know it is found on the Apple site. This is a great site especially using wifi...:laugh2:
  10. williamrob42

    ibrickr v0.9 or not?

    Hello, I am just trying to decide whether or not to downgrade using the new ibrickr v0.9. I guess I am wondering about the risk and Apple future updates. I upgraded to the 1.1.1 and wish I hadnt. What do you think is it safe following the ibrickr v0.9 and how simple is it really? Oh and my phone...
  11. williamrob42


    I really didn't like the jawbone, I am going back to the Apple Bluetooth. I Would love to sell my jawbone as it is only a week old. I would sell it for 70.00 including shipping. It is the Silver Jawbone with all the accessories. Thanks To All!:2cool:
  12. williamrob42

    Apple iPhone Bluetooth vs Jawbone?

    This is your opportunity to express which Bluetooth device you prefer. I just recently returned the Apple Bluetooth because of static and bad fit for me. I have ordered the Jawbone. Which do you prefer?
  13. williamrob42

    Warm/hot iPhone

    I know this has been discussed in other forums. But let me say I have a warm iPhone. Sometimes it gets so warm I find it hard to hold to the ear. I contacted Apple and they are sending me a service iPhone and I am sending my phone back for repair or replacement. Anxious to hear from others who...
  14. williamrob42

    Summerboard Problem!

    I finally took the plunge and modded my iPhone. But I have had some problems. First with Summerboard. I have the latest version and it seems to freeze my iPhone. For example when turning it back on the screen is black and may show 1 or 2 icons and it doesn't scroll. After restarting the phone its...
  15. williamrob42

    Good News! iPhoneringtonemaker!

    I have seen where the iPhoneringtonemaker was not working. I just purchased the iPhone and I have found it to work great. I can download my own songs (outside of iTunes) and load them to the iPhone through the iPhoneringtonemaker software. Let me know if anyone else has tried this, I have...
  16. williamrob42

    Previous iPhone owner, will I have trouble activating?

    I was just wondering, I have a new iPhone coming in. I had an iPhone before and sold it (DUMMY ME) anyway i have a different phone with At&t and wondered if I will have any trouble with activation on my new iPhone. Just wanted the input from others, Thanks to all, :cool: Tim
  17. williamrob42

    iPhone, here I go again...

    Well here I go again. I purchased the iPhone 8gb when it was first released in June. Then after a little aggravation, I sold the iPhone on Ebay for what I paid for it. Meanwhile recently picking up the Razr2 thought I would never look at the iPhone again, until yesterday. Now the price drop. I...
  18. williamrob42

    Dailymotion application for iPhone!

    This is a great application for the iPhone. Much like Youtube but more videos. Check out this great application for streaming video and it actually works great using the iPhone with the wifi is even better :laugh2: