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  1. sunshineprincess

    closing membership

    how the heck do you close your membership with this forum.
  2. sunshineprincess

    can't find thread

    i know, this is off topic but I wanted this to stand out for attention. I read this one thread a couple weeks ago and didn't keep track of it. it was about common questions friends or whomever ask about the iPhone. anyone can help me with this that'd be GREAT. THANKS...i'll delete this...
  3. sunshineprincess

    handbreak settings

    What is the perfect settings for picture when ripping DVDs on handbreak? I've tried and still the picture gets cut off. I need help please!
  4. sunshineprincess

    Sad day for SunshinePrincess.

    Day off from the coffee shop. I started working there as second job only 2 weeks ago ...this is my third and final week. Got a call from the boss and turns out, they're shutting down the shop. I'm soo sad. Loved this little place! Just wasn't busy enough. ANYWAY...I had always thought about...
  5. sunshineprincess

    iPhone for dumbies!

    OKAY, so i know how to use my iPhone but how the heck do you do all the modifications that everyone seems to be talking about. I'm clueless! Like, changing your icons, WHAT? HOW? and the theme color of your battery charging picture. ALso, how the heck do you get music as ringtones? HELP...
  6. sunshineprincess

    Ladies Thread!

    So, notice that most of the people on the forums are guys ...This one is for us girls. For Me, I love my iPhone! It lets me be more creative than a regular phone. I change my wallpaper as often as a change my outfit throughout the day...which is atleast 3 times, unless I know I love what I'm...