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    How's The Speakerphone

    better than Q? Motorola Q is fabulous for listening to audio/video via speakerphone
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    wow. Apple workers get free iPhones. AT&T workers lose their iPhone discounts.

    Something is seriously amiss here. Apple provides their employees with a free iPhone. AT&T employees, who have to pay for iPhones, now lose any discount they previously enjoyed. This does not seem fair.
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    why im not going to buy day 1

    wow. impressive initial reviews. i always said this product might be brilliant. except waiting a minute for some web pages to load via edge doesn't sound like much fun. anyone here miss the dialup days? also, im not really sold on the text entry yet. have fun w the ipod tho!
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    why im not going to buy day 1

    uh no. so you'd rather a monolithic discussion that doesn't compare technologies and clap as loud as Apple tells you to. if you purchased a vw bug, would you only talk about the advance craftsmenship of it or compare to other similarly priced vehicles. most pda cell pages are actively...
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    why im not going to buy day 1

    there are already superb pda cellphones already on shelves that stream audio and video at with superb applications such as orb or slingbox that are extremely reliable. the speakers on my q are phenomenal, thus not requiring headphones. im unclear on why people are saying they need a reboot every...