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    In Stock... Next Weekend?

    Okay, So as the dates of online shipping have changed from days to weeks, how do you think stores are going to be affected? Do you think they well get restocked quickly? I am not able to make the 5pm launch so I am hoping that by next weekend the stores should have new shipments in...
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    Target iPad 2

    So, target has a 90 day return policy compared to everyone else's 14 day return policy. However target makes you pay a 15% restocking fee. 3 months compared to 14 days is a huge difference.. I guess my question is, is the extra time worth the 15% which is quite a large chunk of change. I...
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    iPad and Education

    Hi, I am a college student and am considering getting the iPad 2. I have a macbook that i bring to class sometimes but I feel that the iPad would be much easier. Some of my classes have PDF lecture notes and using iAnnotate PDF I would be able to write and take notes on them. I would be using...
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    Hybrid Cases

    Can anyone list some of the hybrid cases out there. if you don't know what a hybrid cases is, it is a soft and hard case
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    no iPhone monthly plan

    is this possible 1) get rid of your monthly iPhone data plan 2) add an unlimited data plan and as long as your with AT&T 3) put your sim card in your "old iPhone" Thanks in advance
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    vibe switch broken

    tonight my vibe/ring switch went all crazy, the switch has always been loose but now it wont go into position and stay in vibe it says in ring but when in vibe it moves around. I did change my carrier settings to AT&T 5.0 i would doubt that would do it, would it?
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    At&t 5.0

    I have been reading around about tethering and mms. It seems that a lot of people that have mms already have AT&T 5.0 were many other people have AT&T 4.0, to see what you have look under settings->general->about and then carrier to see what you have. I have updated to AT&T 5.0 and have not...
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    Opt Out codes

    This morning when getting the new phone, before i left i asked if i could get my opt out codes removed (the codes that turn mms messages that are sent to your phone into the and they told me that they have been removed already. Kind of confussing, seems like to me that mms...
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    Didn't Pre-Order

    Is anyone just going tomorrow that didn't pre-order to get one? I am, i wanted to pre-order but AT&T says it takes 7-14 days before it arrives.
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    No new look for iPhone 3G S

    I was really hoping Apple would change the look from iPhone 3G to iPhone 3GS.They went with the same exact look. Why? How disappointing!
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    bootloader downgrade?

    hi, i am wanting to downgrade from a 5.09 bootloader so i can unlock my phone. i am able to downgrade the baseband but i am stuck with the 5.09 bootloader. Can anyone help, does anyone know how to downgrade the bootloader. its a 3g on 2.2.1 Thanks a bunch.
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    MacBook Keyboard and Trackpad

    So i turned on my macbook this morning, I am pretty sure it has the lastest version of lepeord on it, and my keyboard or my trackpad did not work. So i started up in windows and everything worked fine. does anyone know a fix? I did a little bit of research but i really didn't have any good...
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    jailbreaking vs unlocking

    Hi guys, just have a quick question, did a little bit of searching but did did not get the exact answer i wanted. I have a 2g iPhone and I have it jailbroken. How do i unlock the phone, or is it already unlocked? When it was being restored with the custom restore software the phone went...
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    Jailbreaking without pwnage

    I have tried pwnage 2.2.5 a couple of times but it will not jailbreak my 3g. is there a way to jailbreak my phone with out pwnage? Thanks, Radis
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    The Box

    is the box the iPhone is sold in the same at both stores? At&t and Apple?
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    Apple's next product line?

    what do you think about Apple producing a camera/camcorder they have imovie and iphoto but no Apple products to use the programs yes the iPhone uses iphoto but the pictures are not great, just wanting to get your thoughts/opinions about this issue. another question i have, is, i am thinking...
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    Is 2GB enough free space for apps, GPS

    I am still on the fence about buying the 8 gig or 16 gig. Need some advice on what to do. I did not fill up the 8 gig now, i still have around 2 gigs left. So will the new 3g iPhone use a lot of memory with the stock features such as GPS, and how much room will the 3rd party apps take up? Will...
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    iPhone 3G diary/music video

    do you think David Pogue received an iPhone 3g already, like he did with the original iPhone. he made a youtube video diary and and youtube iPhone music video. do you think he will make any other videos for the 3g? here is the diary video: here is the music video:
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    The Great Debate

    whos getting the 8 and whos getting the 16? and y
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    Did i miss somthing?

    i read and listened to the conference live and did i miss MMS? and did they mention the 3g phone specs?