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    Holy crap

    Unbelievable I just cannot believe this. Amazing. It found me within 2 blocks.
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    WinSCP problem!

    Ha! It sounded like you deleted file by mistake or never uploaded? LOL
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    WinSCP problem!

    Check ip address I did have the same problem a couple days ago. Double check on ip address. I had some conflict when I loaded up 3 laptops to the network and one laptop took the same ip address when iPhone went to sleep. Do ipconfig /renew or reset the ip on iPhone.
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    HUSBands/Boy toys

    That's funny. My point exactly. Insecure men live in the world of black & white film. :laugh2:
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    HUSBands/Boy toys

    Ah I see 21st century men are here. Those men are very secure of themselves. Gotta love them.
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    HUSBands/Boy toys

    I tried to make a point in that thread that their comments are offensive and antiquated but more sexist comments pored in. What else can women do? Why not make joke out of the situation? Or should feminists get together and show how angry we are?
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    HUSBands/Boy toys

    Ladies, please share your stories. My man is proud of me but male friends are uncomfortable that I know more about programmings and gadgets than they do. What's up with men with technology? Do they think they own this domain? Hell no! This is 21st century. Gentlemen, step aside. :laugh2...
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    Wives/Girlfriends. . .

    Very typical Why do you guys assume that "women" are not as geeky as men. My man is the one who's telling me to stop hacking.
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    Envy breeds Hate. An iPhone love story

    I also got hateful and mean comments from people about my iPhone. Their comments always infer that I am so stupid to pay so much money for defected and premature device. So, I reply that it is not the most expensive item on me. Of course people look at me like I'm crazy. Very strange.
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    NES FOR THE iPhone! (yes a real 3rd party app)

    Have you installed SSH for iPhone yet?
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    SSH + screenshot installed, but how to delete files?

    shell commands Check your /bin directory. You probably have only a few command files such as chmod, launchctl, etc. If you want to execute more shell commands on iPhone, you need to install command s in the /bin directory. For example, deleting file, the command is "rm" WinSCP is simply...
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    Skype for iPhone by Shape service

    Has anyone tried IM+ for Skype by Shape service, yet? For most active beta testers, they will give unlimited license for softwares. I don't know how exactly their app differ from SoonR.
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    iCal putting in wrong times in calendar on iPhone

    Time zone for Calendar Did you set time zone for Calendar? Go to Settings/General/Day&Time Set the Time zone support on and time zone set to your area. That fixed my problem.