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    Why is my phone backing up so incredibly slow?

    Well I finally got it updated, took about 2 hours.
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    Why is my phone backing up so incredibly slow?

    I did the do not send to Apple thing but I cant find where you delete the backups in the settings. It's still going slow as f*ck:frown:
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    Why is my phone backing up so incredibly slow?

    The last couple times ive added music (I just unhooked it because i couldnt wait any longer) to my phone and now that im downloading the 2.2 upgrade it backs my phone up ridiculously slow! It's been 30 minutes and its barely 1/4 of the way down! WTF?
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    3G iPhone. like it? yes or no?

    I had to get a "raincheck" for mine :( They ran out, but I did get the Jawbone 2 and that is a sexxy *****.
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    Price of 3G iPhone

    As long as it has all the futures that we all hope it will, and not just 3g and GPS, I'll buy it regardless of price.
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    Indy's Official 3G iPhone News and Rumors Thread. *Submit*

    ooooo know did I hit crazy staiirrs?
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    Possibly dumb iTunes question..

    alright, thanks
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    Possibly dumb iTunes question..

    MacBook Pro
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    Possibly dumb iTunes question..

    So, I'm supposedly getting my MBP on Tuesday and I was wondering how I would get my iPhone's data and everything from iTunes on my pc to the MBP? Or does it just recognize what I already have on there and just do everything normally.....if that makes since? (probably not) Thanks.
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    iPhone on TV

    Hahah Nice! I luv that show. Since I have gotten my iPhone, I have personally talked to 6 people that have one, thats it! 8 months and only 6 people.
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    Official iPhone Software Update 1.1.4 Thread

    Ok well I just downloaded it again and it took like 30 seconds....
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    Official iPhone Software Update 1.1.4 Thread

    Booooooooooo! Mine had an error and stopped downloading!
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    Flytunes (again)

    Nevermind, only took them an hour to send me my e-mail. I have three now as well.
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    Flytunes (again) send away fellas!
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    do you know where they are?

    How much for the services provided by said ladies? :-P
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    What do you drive or ride?

    'Bagged 2005 Dodge Ram Hemi, sittin on 22's.
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    1.1.2 update question

    Alright I got it! Thanks
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    1.1.2 update question

    How do you save your pictures and contacts before you update? Or does it not clear them when u download it to the phone?
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    iPhone sending history to AT&T?

    My bill had every single number I called and Text messaged. So, I had them turn the detailed billing off and they claim that will fix it.
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    Describe your iPhone in one word.