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    iTunes - Manually manage music with iPhone no longer queues selections

    I just discovered that when you have your iPhone set up to “Manually manage music and videos” it no longer queues your selections as you drag and drop music or playlists. What I mean is in previous iterations of iTunes, I could drag and drop as many playlists on the iPhone in the DEVICES window...
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    BTstack found in "Changes" on Cydia

    Did anyone notice BTstack in "Changes" on Cydia lately? I'm trying to figure out why I got it since I never installed a BTstack related app. Also, after I updated all of the changes, there is no record of BTstack even being on my iPhone when I look under "Packages" in Cydia. Does anyone know why...
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    Upload Your Favorite and/or Created Ringtones Here!

    I did some searching on this forum and I couldn't find any thread that had people uploading their favorite and/or created ringtones for others to download. This was done on another website I frequent a while back and I still refer to it occasionally as it's pretty cool. And mods, if this has...
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    Is my3G not available anymore?

    Where the hell is the My3G repo in Cydia? I added as a source but it's still not showing up. I thought I could remove it and reinstall it because I was having problems. Are you telling me My3G is gone!?!?
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    Open iPhone Camera from Sleep Mode with Activator

    I know this is like common sense to veteran and even new savvy jailbreakers but this is for those who didn't know they could do this since there are apps out there like Snappy that allow you to open the Camera from anywhere with gestures or button presses. Personally, I like the ability to open...
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    MyWi Initializing Error - I Can't Figure This One Out!

    Hey, guys... I've searched internet forums, the official MyWi website as well as emailed their support and no one can seem to offer me a resolution to this error. I just bought this app this morning and now I'm regretting I did. This is the error I'm receiving in MyWi: No matter how many...
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    The Trouble with Google's Android Market I found this from Makani in the everythingAndroid forums. I think it's quite an interesting point of view from an Android App developer and seems to parallel what I was thinking... I...
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    Portable AA Battery Powered Charger for iPod, iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4!

    I just purchased 2 of these Emergency Chargers for $4.50 each shipped on Amazon and they work with the iPhone 4. I recharged my iPhone 4 from 67% to 100% in around a half an hour! That is faster than plugging it into a computer or in a wall socket. I have been on the lookout for a charger...
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    Tweet It... Just Tweet It! - iPads vs iPhones

    Check out this hilarious video of "Tweet It - iPads vs. iPhones" that's set to the music and video structure of Michael Jackson's "Beat It".
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    How to Get Rid Of Those Annoying Errors in Cydia When It's Loading!

    How to Get Rid Of Those Annoying Errors in Cydia When It's Loading! :ok:ok The problem is there is a repo (repository) that you once used that is no longer valid or you may have misspelled it when you initially added it. Step 1: To fix this we need to edit the cydia.list and remove the...
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    Have US Wireless Carriers Gone Mad? The Crippling of Samsung Fascinate and Captivate!

    I just stumbled across this article on Zdnet and it kind of reflects my attitude about US carriers locking down phones that are uninhibited elsewhere in the world. The Samsung Galaxy S appears to be the maserati of phones throughout the world but seems to transform into a domestic hybrid compact...
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    My Orientation Lock Has 4 Options!

    Rotation Inhibitor Has 4 Options! I just discovered a curious yet welcome feature of my Orientation Lock. It now has 4 options not incuding the default of being unlocked - Portrait Orientation, Landscape Left, Landscape Right and Upside Down. And it will actually lock the screen within Safari...
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    SwitcherPlus - Multitasking On The Lockscreen

    It's currently in it's 2nd Beta (which is why I didn't put it in the Cydia Apps section) but I'm still on the first one and it works nicely. It's brought to you by the same people who created biteSMS so you know it's good! :ok:ok
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    iTunes 10 - Impressions & Opinions

    I just wanted to start a thread to get some impressions and opinions from those who've downloaded and really used iTunes 10. The Ping idea does not have me excited at all and I'm hoping this is something you can turn off like Genius or DJ. Is the new logo to your liking as well as the new...
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    iMAME4all - The App That Allows You To Play Old Arcade Favorites... FREE!

    iMAME4all allows you to play all of your favorite old arcade games from ROMs that you can find on the internet (do a Google search). This is perhaps one of my favorite apps and finds in Cydia! I was just looking at the Changes tab and I discovered this app was new. What a treat, as I get to play...
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    No More Thank You's

    I just noticed that the Thank You function on the forum has been removed. :dft002:amazed I'm curious to know why this was decided. I thought it was a great indication as to the helpfulness of the person regardless of their rank of Genius or not. Was it being abused? Was it a false indication of...
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    Convince Others to Buy an iPhone 4 or Other iPhone? Share Your Stories!

    I was just thinking of the people I've convinced to buy the iPhone 4 or a previous iPhone in the past and it's kind of like a domino effect because they in turn talk someone else into purchasing one. It's like an iPhone Pyramid Scheme... but in a good way! First I talked my buddy who's a...
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    GV Mobile vs. Google Voice Web App

    GV Mobile Google Voice Web App I want to know if anyone has thoroughly compared these two apps and how they fit with their basic telephony needs. I have and here's my opinion... GV Mobile is nice since it's native but not nice since you have to jailbreak in order to get it, but I can...
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    Why does YouTube app load low quality videos on 3G when it could handle HD quality?

    I've always wondered this especially since my 3G is faster than my company's WiFi network. The only way I can get a video to play in HD over 3G is to load it originally on WiFi and then go to Settings and turn off WiFi as it reverts to 3G. Ridiculous... I remember I used to watch full episodes...
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    I Had A Dream...

    ...about the HTC EVO. (Bear with me, this is related to the iPhone 4... and subsequently unrelated to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. :dft012:wink) It was really weird. Since I work at a company with many people, IT included, as a whole we all pretty much have every phone out there and I always...