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    iPhone 6s Move from Android broken

    I sold my Samsung Galaxy Note 3 for $400 on eBay in Oct. 2014. How's it going, Napoleon! :)
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    Misaligned Face Time Camera

    Wow! So this is the kind of comradery I've been missing? :rolleyes:
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    Official Pangu 1.1 Jailbreak Released for Windows

    Wow! All of you guys are still here - Napoleon PhoneApart, Europa, Lon, liberated, EverythingApple, up10ad, naviwilliams... this place still feels like home after all these years! :D Just making sure the Jailbreaking is still going on with the latest iOS! On the OnePlus One now and looking at...
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    Switching to T-Mobile

    I work with a lady who's always been with T-Mobile and she swung a deal where her household has 5 smartphones on the same unlimited plan for $130 a month! Of course, she's very friendly with the rep at a nearby store so this isn't a plan anyone would be able to get. But I had the $30 T-Mobile...
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    iOS 7 has live wallpaper

    I did not. Very interesting indeed. I wonder if this allows for Video Wallpaper? Something I eagerly jailbroke for.
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    iOS 7 Control Center Quick Toggles

    No matter how much I joke about iOS 7 looking like Windows Phone 8, WebOS or Android, I REALLY DO LIKE IT! If Apple brings it with a 5" or greater phone, I will be back! :) The more I think about it, though... I believe Europa is right, I think Apple borrowed more from the Jailbreaking...
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    Finally, an iOS I won't have to Jailbreak for the basics

    Hold up... wait a minute... no need for iBlacklist!?! Shut the front door! I have to research that feature.
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    Will you buy an iWatch

    It's funny how the phone pretty much replaced the watch since it has the time on it. Now the watch is coming back? And now it's Smart? I don't think so.
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    Bluetooth Headset amplifies background noise too much

    I use the Kinivo BTH220 and it works pretty good. I can't say the background noise is completely gone but people don't comment on it when I talk to them like they did when I had the Motorola S305 headset.
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    Replacement battery scam?

    Why didn't you just take it to an Apple Store and let them look at it? It never hurts to bring it in and ask them what they think. Don't expect anything, though, and you just might be pleasantly surprised. I told this to a coworker of mine who brought in her son's 2+ year old iPod Touch to an...
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    I am shocked with the iPhone USB Transfer speed

    My old iPhone 3G transferred songs that fast, too... in a matter of minutes. It has nothing to do with the Lightning Connector, which is still based on USB 2.0 specifications. Now, if it was Thunderbolt, that would be a difference of seconds vs. minutes! I think you're just Wowed because you...
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    iPhone 5 shattered

    Do tell... don't make us beg for it. :D
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    I understand you just picked up an iPhone 5? Then update ya profile then, girl! :P

    I understand you just picked up an iPhone 5? Then update ya profile then, girl! :P
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    Would you want the Samsung phone's "cool" feature?

    I have a Samsung Galaxy Nexus and I never use that feature. I guess they had to include something to make it different. Don't like it myself. Neither do I like the idea of NFC and Google Wallet. Too insecure, in my opinion.
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    Tim Cooks apology (Maps)

    Yeah, I hear ya! But... I didn't want to say this... however, it's a much better response than "You're holding it wrong!" (runs out of the room) :rolleyes:
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    Tim Cooks apology (Maps)

    The fact that Tim Cook apologized speaks volumes about him as a CEO. I really like this guy. I mean... REALLY! I love honesty in Corporate America. It's surprising, yet refreshing.
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    Apple May Have Alienated a Consumer Segment

    Macrumors already deleted it. Can we thank the illustrious Europa for this just whistleblowing? :cool:
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    iPhone vs Samsung (ENOUGH ALREADY)

    Jim Jones? :rolleyes:
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    How to get your AT&T upgrade fee waived

    I feel sorry for you! :eek: I have a friend with 4 smartphones on her T-Mobile account and her bill has been around $120 for years.