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  1. iphonewarrior

    VirtualHome 8 for iOS 8

    VirtualHome 8 with iOS 8 compatibility has just been released. I personally have been looking forward to this - prolonging the life of the home button. Just a simple tap behaving like a normal press of the home button. Reachability works perfectly as well. This is a paid app and will cost you...
  2. iphonewarrior

    Missing Like and other buttons?

    I thought at first this was a mobile browser issue with the buttons not appearing (I've been using different User Agents to render pages in desktop), but since using an actual desktop computer and laptop the buttons still aren't appearing. I'm not even sure which buttons are supposed to be there...
  3. iphonewarrior

    Springtomize 3 Released with iOS 8 Compatibility

    Springtomize 3 has been released! For lovers of multiple tweaks like Five-Column Springboard, Shrink and much more then this app is for you. It houses many tweaks/mods all under one roof.
  4. iphonewarrior

    User Agent Changer - Compatible with iOS 8

    User Agent Changer is a new package in Cydia which allows the user to change the user agent of their browser i.e display webpages as if you were browsing from a desktop. The default is Chrome User Agent settings. For example you can browse eiC from your mobile device as if you were using a...
  5. iphonewarrior

    LittleBrother - Scaled Zoom levels and Orientation Options

    LittleBrother has recently appeared in Cydia, creator Ryan Petrich has an abundance of his own creations already on the Cydia store. LittleBrother allows the user to apply different zoom levels i.e Large, Medium and Small (similar to how the iPhone 6 Plus looks like compared to the iPhone 6)...
  6. iphonewarrior

    Victim of theft :(

    So, I've just learnt the hard way about leaving stuff in your car. Even if it's not on direct display (behind a car seat etc) it's just not worth it. Saturday (just past) I woke up to a sunny but frosty morning. The father-in-law popped around to see my son and noticed that a nice person...
  7. iphonewarrior

    iCleaner Pro [App]

    iCleaner Pro has just been released for iOS 7. You can download it by adding this repo:
  8. iphonewarrior

    Bloard - [Tweak] Black Keyboard for iOS 7

    Bloard is a tweak which turns the native keyboard from white to black. This is one of the tweaks I was waiting for, I personally don't like the white keyboard. The black, IMO is much easier on the eyes. And.... And it's free! :p
  9. iphonewarrior

    BytaFont 2 - [Guide] Changing Fonts within iOS 7

    BytaFont 2 for iOS 7 was recently added to Cydia and is currently available for free in the ModMyi repo. If you're keen to customise the look of your iPhone/iPad then BytaFont will definitely help you get one step closer. To change the fonts on your device you will first need to have a...
  10. iphonewarrior

    Happy New Year 2014 :)

    Happy New Year eiC :p
  11. iphonewarrior

    Cydia Substrate Updated for iOS 7 (32 and 64-bit)

    Guys, it's finally been updated! Cydia Substrate is now live on Cydia. PreferenceLoader has also been updated. :p Please Note: From what I've read it's imperative that you uninstall the, Mobile Substrate Fix first before installing Cydia Substrate.
  12. iphonewarrior

    TransparentVolume - Tweak

    TransparentVolume - This new tweak is something i've personally wanted for a while. I first noticed this on Reddit a few days ago. What's also good is that it doesn't effect the Quick Compose feature of the latest beta version of BiteSMS. TransparentVolume makes the pop-up box (when you hit one...
  13. iphonewarrior

    Mobilesubstrate Fix (Temp until official Pkg)

    Important notice: This fix is no longer required as Saurik has pushed an official Cydia Substrate today (31st December). Read an article over at Redmondpie here: Apparently Saurik has said that...
  14. iphonewarrior

    iOS 7 Compatible Cydia Apps/Tweaks

    Hey, I've literally just jailbroken so I'm still fumbling through what works and what doesn't work on the new iOS 7 jailbreak. Does anyone know of any apps which do and/or don't work?
  15. iphonewarrior

    Bouncy Scroll in Messages

    Anyone noticed the bounce in the Messages app when you scroll up and down? In iOS 7 beta 2. It's kinda cool. Apple really have gone all out with these animations. Sent using iCafe app
  16. iphonewarrior

    iOS Wallpaper Bug?

    Anyone seen this? It's happened a few times where the wallpaper sort of zooms out and looks as if it's too small for the screen.
  17. iphonewarrior

    iCloud - extra chargeable storage

    Does anyone pay for extra iCloud storage? Since having the iPhone 5 and using it's camera for both pictures and video I've found that it's really eating up my free 5Gb inclusive storage. I'm tempted to upgrade to 10Gb a year. I have Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, Skydrive and Sugar Sync but none...
  18. iphonewarrior


    When is this all going to stop?
  19. iphonewarrior

    Food Poisoning?

    I know this a completely random topic for a tech forum however, I think I'm suffering from food poisoning. I ate fish on Tuesday night and I've felt funky ever since! Has anyone else ever had it? I feel rotten, as if something's going on inside my stomach...
  20. iphonewarrior

    Auxo - New Update

    New update pushed this evening includes: New Do Not Disturb Toggle New Auto-Lock Toggle Shortcut Toggle Tap and hold on flashlight for user-defined strobe effect of iPhone's flash Added Restart/Power Off/Safe Mode options to the Respring Toggle. Fixes - Audio Playback crashes...