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  1. iphonewarrior

    Wood 7 plus cases

    I like the look of these cases, I tend to always go for the Otterbox Defender. Do they come in different shades i.e darker or lighter?
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    Unfair vote. My carrier isn't on there! :(
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    I don't close the lid, I just turn brightness off and it kills the light. The screen is still on but you can barely see it.
  4. iphonewarrior

    Remote access between Mac and PC via the Interwebs

    Long time user of TeamViewer, use it nearly everyday when I log into my server and when I'm acting as family I.T support. A nice feature of TeamViewer is that you can send files over the same connection, very handy when working in the field. The iPad and iPhone apps are good as well. And it's free.
  5. iphonewarrior

    StickyBanners needs frequent reinstalling

    Did you manage to come up with a reason why you had to reinstall the app multiple times in order for it to keep working?
  6. iphonewarrior

    Anyone have the ecobee3 thermostat?

    Most wet systems work off an on/off basis whether it being switched by a digital or hard-wired thermostat - simple control will work for most houses, it gets a little more complicated when you bring in multiple zones. Using Sensors will/can trigger valve actuators for individual zones on demand...
  7. iphonewarrior

    IntelliScreenX for iOS 8 is due to touch down tonight

    I installed it briefly but it's the same old Cydia App. Not much has changed, so I removed it. Until it becomes truly useful I'll keep it off my phone, at the minute it seems to be a bit of a gimmick.
  8. iphonewarrior

    StickyBanners needs frequent reinstalling

    That's a nice big list. You have Crash Reporter installed, do you have any reports generated from StickyBanners?
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    What Did You Get For Christmas?

    I got Rum and aftershave for Christmas. So my family think that I'm an alcoholic and I stink. Oh and some slippers :p
  10. iphonewarrior

    StickyBanners needs frequent reinstalling

    What other tweaks do you have installed that could potentially cause you issues. More specifically tweaks which effect notifications etc?
  11. iphonewarrior

    iCloud Backup Could not be completed?

    Think before you tweak ;)
  12. iphonewarrior

    iDrive vs Dropbox

    I completely agree, I share my 'stuff' around in Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive and Box. The only thing I find difficult when using free cloud storage is remembering my u/n and p/w's for each account - but that's where a good trusty password manager comes in handy :p
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    iCloud Backup Could not be completed?

    Any update on this, it seems bizarre that a backup attempt failed when trying both iCloud and iTunes?
  14. iphonewarrior

    My iPhone 6 Might be Bent?

    I'm confused, have I missed something?
  15. iphonewarrior

    My iPhone 6 Might be Bent?

    Any issues just give me a mention and I'll pop in :p
  16. iphonewarrior

    My iPhone 6 Might be Bent?

    Yeah, just backup via iCloud or through iTunes and restore to iOS 8.1.1 (which is jailbreakable with TaiG), get your replacement from Apple and re-jailbreak it as soon as you get home :p
  17. iphonewarrior

    8.1.1 TaiG Jailbreak Released

    LockGlyph is probably my new favourite tweak, it just looks like it's been designed by Apple. The developer has been really helpful as well. I asked him a few questions over email and he got back to my promptly and since then he's pushed a few nice updates. Barrel is another good tweak, again...
  18. iphonewarrior

    Crazy or what ?

    Completely forgot about this tweak. Another reason to jailbreak ;) It would be a nice feature if Apple had a sub-setting which allowed users who have unlimited data to preset a toggle which would disable data usage warnings throughout iOS.
  19. iphonewarrior

    iPhone 7 Concept

    I think it looks like a mixture of an iPod and a 3GS :)
  20. iphonewarrior

    Display out problem

    4:3 is the aspect ratio of the iPad. Display Out gives the user customisable aspect ratio control, either wait for Display Out to be updated or use zoom functions on the monitor(s) you're using. I don't think anything is at fault here?