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  1. shutter13

    iPhone XS Moment lenses

    Does anyone else use moment lenses? I use the wide lens with a movi Freefly gimbal for video all the time. Have you tried your iPhone X case on the XS? Does it work? Do the lenses match up correctly? Wondering if I should go ahead and pre-order the moment Xs photo case. I didn’t decide to...
  2. shutter13

    iPhone X picture thread

    I haven’t really played with it too much, but the camera seems pretty good. It’s hard to take pictures when your bloodhound wants to get all up in your business or pulling at you, but here are a few from our walk this morning.
  3. shutter13

    iPhone X Apple Care vs Square Trade bs AT&T mobile insurance

    The question is in the title. I have never had to avail myself of any of the services above, but feel it’s not too smart not too. Opinions on the three choices please. Apple Care Plus 199 AT&T 9 per month 299 replacement deductible Square Trade 129 The only one that covers theft or loss is...
  4. shutter13

    Wallet case for wireless charging

    My wife really loves the wallet case, hoever, the one she has does not play well with wireless charging, which she also loves. She has an 8 plus. Anyone got a wallet case that works reliably with a wireless charger?
  5. shutter13

    iPhone X Best Buy charging extra

    I saw this on my Best Buy app after reading the below news clip. Best Buy Says iPhone X Costs $100 Extra at Full Price Because Flexibility Sometimes 'Has a Cost'...
  6. shutter13

    iPhone X Apple store is down

    Isn’t it a little early? Pre-orders don’t start for 6 hours.
  7. shutter13

    iPhone X Transfer AppleCare +

    Has anyone here transferred their AppleCare + to a new iPhone? I have AppleCare + on my iPhone 7+ and still have a year left on it and want to put it on the iPhone X I’m going to pre-order Friday morning. Any advice?
  8. shutter13

    Broken screen

    I have a series 1 Apple Watch, as I was putting the watch back on, after clearing the metal detector, at work...I dropped it. The Watch landed face first on a tile floor from about 48”. I did not have Apple care, and Apple won’t fix them. Anyone know of any decent third party companies that...
  9. shutter13

    iPhone 8 Pro-order Time

    Just making sure I remember. The time that pre-orders will begin is 3am eastern time zone. Gotta make sure I set my alarm. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  10. shutter13

    iPhone 7 No AppleCare in Florida?

    So I have been trying to purchase AppleCare this morning, finally got through to someone at Apple and they said Florida Law prevented them from selling it over the phone. But when I look at the terms and conditions.... "9 Other Provisionsa Apple may subcontract or assign performance of its...
  11. shutter13

    Photo apps

    Does anyone know of any 3rd party apps that utilize the telephoto lens of the 7+ and have manual controls?
  12. shutter13

    iPhone 7 iPhone activation question

    Our home area has been without cell service since Tuesday. I just spoke with an AT&T tech again and he said they expected to have it fixed by Monday. He stressed that was the worst case scenario, but my experience with this sort of thing tells me to prepare for the worst. So basically I need to...
  13. shutter13

    iOS 10 sounds

    All the sounds in iOS 10 seem to be of a lower volume than they were before I upgraded. My alarm is not very loud at all, I didn't sleep through it...but i almost did. Anyone else experiencing this? I suppose it only has to wake me up tomorrow, then the new phone will be here, but still would...
  14. shutter13

    Reset network setting "bricked" iPhone 6+

    So my daughter an I were receiving the same phone calls, and by that I mean the exact same phone calls. If my son or wife called either of us, both our phones would ring. I decided to reset network settings on bth phones, my daughters (iPhone 5S) went through without a hitch. mine (jailbroken...
  15. shutter13

    iPhone 6 plus upside down

    Does it bother anyone else that the icons will rotate 360° on the home screen. I don't like it, not real fond of the landscape rotation, wish I could turn it off (just the home screen), without going to "zoomed".
  16. shutter13

    How do I get my music and apps on my computer from my iPhone?

    I have maintained my iTunes library database and my music on an external hard drive, which has crapped out on me. Anyone have any suggestions on what I should do to get my music and apps on my computer from my phone? I have an iPhone 5S. Any help or suggestions would be great.
  17. shutter13

    iPhone 4S will not turn off

    So my son's 4s will not shut down, unless the power cord is plugged in. It started out the sound would not work and it would not shut off. I cleaned the connection area where the 30pin connector goes and got the volume/sound working, but it still will not shut off. If I hold the power button...
  18. shutter13

    Enter passcode after restart

    So I just did a hard restart on my 5s and once it restarted I had to enter my passcode to open the phone. It would not accept my fingerprint after a reset.
  19. shutter13

    How long before you stop swiping to open?

    I set up fingerprints but it is so ingrained to swipe..I end up using my passcode anyway!
  20. shutter13

    just switch SIMs or call AT&T

    I used my wife's upgrade to get the 5S and she is getting my 5. Should I just switch SIM cards and activate the new one in my wife's "new" iPhone 5, or should I call AT&T and let them do there magic changing which imei is associated with which sim card?