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  1. Marianne

    Messages+ is awesome

    I can tell that I'm a nerd because I'm way too excited about this jailbreak app. :p Since I haven't seen anyone posting about it here (at least a search hasn't turned up much), I thought I'd share in case it will be of interest to others. It's a very simple SMS/iMessage tweak. It's not an app...
  2. Marianne

    Jailbreak advice before selling iPhone 4

    I upgraded to the iPhone 4S and am getting ready to sell my iPhone 4, which is currently jailbroken and unlocked on iOS 4.3.2 and the 1.59.00 baseband. I know there's an untethered jailbreak for iOS 5.0.1 out now and as I understand it, it would be possible to update to iOS 5.0.1 and preserve...
  3. Marianne

    How many rollover minutes do you have?

    For those of you on AT&T in the U.S. (or any other carriers in other countries that also offer this feature), how many rollover minutes do you have? At the time of this post I have 4,107 rollover minutes. As it is, I never even use all of the 450 minutes included in my plan each month (hence my...
  4. Marianne

    Treegloo hardcover notebook case for iPad 2 - just ordered

    I just ordered a custom Treegloo case for my iPad 2 today. This is a hardcover notebook-style case like the DODOcase, Portenzo, etc. I've had both the DODOcase and Portenzo cases for my iPad 1 but I wanted to try TreeGloo out this time since they offer some different customization options. Here...
  5. Marianne

    PwnageTool 4.2 does NOT update baseband, right?

    I don't know why I'm being so paranoid about this but I just wanted to confirm that using PwnageTool 4.2 to upgrade/jailbreak does not update the baseband. I'm currently on 4.1 with the unlockable 01.59.00 baseband and I don't want to lose that. I've read the Dev Team's blog post and it...
  6. Marianne

    I just ordered this bad boy (brushed metal replacement back plate)

    Only $12.99 + $5 shipping from here. It will probably affect reception but I love the way it looks and it's not expensive. Removing the iPhone 4's back plate is apparently very easy as well, so it shouldn't be an issue to install or remove if I need to take my iPhone back for warranty work.
  7. Marianne

    For those who feel like $.99 is too high a price for an app

    I was just reading through some threads in the App forum and this cartoon at The Oatmeal came to mind (apologies if it's already been posted – didn't see it here and a search didn't reveal anything). It always irks me when I see people complaining about paying $2 or $3 for an app when the iPhone...
  8. Marianne

    Element Vapor case kills 99% of cellular signal - tested in anechoic chamber

    This post/video went up today over at GearLive: I was very tempted to get this case (I think it's a stunning case) and I'm now glad I didn't. The last thing I need is more trouble with my iPhone 4's ability to maintain its cellular connection!
  9. Marianne

    Thinking about jailbreaking my iPhone 4 but have questions about stability

    I'm tempted to jailbreak my iPhone 4. I'm not new to jailbreaking but it's been a while (last time was with my iPhone 3G) since I've used a jailbroken iPhone as my primary device and while I didn't install many jailbroken apps, my iPhone was slow and glitchy. That experience makes me hesitate to...
  10. Marianne

    AT&T SIM card trimmed to work in my 3G iPad

    I have a 3G modem from AT&T that work pays for and I get 5GB of data per month with it. I actually don't use it all that much and thought I would take its SIM and experiment a little to see if it would work in my iPad. I followed some instructions I found by Googling and trimmed it like this...
  11. Marianne

    Question for NAVIGON users re: browsing map

    Question for Navigon users (preferably the latest version - 1.2): When you choose "Show Map" from the main menu and tap on the map view that takes you to a version that you can pinch and zoom around in, do you see street names in this view? Just wondering if this is normal or if it's a bug...
  12. Marianne

    NEWS: FCC outs TomTom Car Kit Information

    The FCC comes through with pictures and the user guide for the car kit. More on the front page here. Still no price or availability info, though! :(
  13. Marianne

    NEWS: Facebook App Developer Calls for Elimination of App Approval Process

    Joe Hewitt, the developer responsible for the Facebook app, including the latest 3.0 version that is pending approval for release from Apple, made a blog post yesterday advocating the complete elimination of the current approval process from the App Store’s procedures. More here on the front...
  14. Marianne

    NEWS: Rhapsody App Submitted to App Store

    Rhapsody-subscribing iPhone owners, rejoice! According to Gdgt and a post on the RealNetworks company blog, a Rhapsody app is currently under review for the App Store. If it's approved, Rhapsody users on the $14.99 monthly plan will be able to search the entire Rhapsody music catalog, view their...
  15. Marianne

    TomTom is a tease - new video of car cradle accessory

    I just wish they would hurry up and start selling this thing already. :rolleyes: How much do you think this thing will really cost? If Handtec's site is correct, it will be $125. Are you going to buy one?
  16. Marianne

    RUMOR: iTunes 9 to include Blu-ray support & iPhone app organization

    Boy Genius has reported on a tip about the next update to iTunes that may include Blu-ray support as well as a method by which iPhone and iPod touch users can visually organize apps directly on their computer. No computer in Apple’s current line-up offers Blu-ray support at this time, though...
  17. Marianne

    3.1 beta 2 available for developers

    iOS 3.1 beta 2 has been released to developers. So, what's it like? :sneaky: Anyone care to share any details? Is there anything new?
  18. Marianne

    Navigon Lite for North America now in App Store and FREE

    This is just a lite version that won't do active route guidance but it's free and should be a nice way to get a feel for Navigon's app before the full paid version comes out. It's 1.29GB and I'm thinking it would be a great alternative to Google Maps since it won't require a network connection...
  19. Marianne

    AT&T Navigator turn-by-turn nav now in App Store

    Unfortunately, it's like Gokivo and requires a $9.99/month charge that will appear on your AT&T bill. You can find it here. I really hope TomTom and Navigon don't make their turn-by-turn apps like this and just charge a flat fee instead, even if it's $100. I don't want a subscription and I...
  20. Marianne

    Best Buy stock of iPhone 3GS revealed

    A member at MacRumors has posted what is claimed to be stock information of iPhone 3G S units available at Best Buy stores across the U.S. The listing shows the total number of iPhone 3G S models that will be available on June 19, including any pre-ordered units, with heavy emphasis on the 16GB...