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  1. ZR_Yancy

    iPhone SE Where is the iPhone SE forum?

    Why no sub-forum for the new iPhone SE? Looks to be an alternative to keep a smaller form factor with some up to date hardware. What do you all think?
  2. ZR_Yancy

    AT&T sales reps accused of scheming to unlock phones

    I think this is why a lot of members were able to unlock there iPhones before their contract was up. AT&T sales reps accused of scheming to unlock phones
  3. ZR_Yancy

    When will Watch OS 2 be released?

    Does anybody know when it rolls out today? I'm pretty excited about this update which should improve a lot of things on the watch.
  4. ZR_Yancy

    iPhone 6s How to use AT&T Next program

    Does anybody know how this will work when I decide to upgrade. I've already paid enough of the installments to be eligible to upgrade but how is this done? If I preorder, will I have to use the AT&T website if we will even have that option to preorder? When do I have to bring my device in to...
  5. ZR_Yancy

    Apple Watch Weather

    I've been using the default Weather app on the watch which is basically the weather app from the iPhone. I'm not sure which station its pulling weather info from but it has never been accurate for me. I use BeWeather 2 on my iPhone for weather conditions and forecasts because it allows me to...
  6. ZR_Yancy

    Let's see you Apple Watch Battery Life

    I took it off the charger at around 9am and had a 45 minute exercise session today. Received a lot of notifications. Replied to texts and voice messages. The battery seems to be really good.
  7. ZR_Yancy

    Fitness with the Apple Watch

    Today, I tested the fitness metrics of my Apple Watch and boy does it track a lot of info. I love it. I went on 2 exercise sessions today. A 20 minute walk outside and a 30 minute walk outside. I cleared 2 rings but one of them I couldn't achieve. What metrics does the middle ring measure? It...
  8. ZR_Yancy

    Apple Watch Display Shootout did a display shoutout between the sapphire glass display on the SS and Edition vs the ion-x glass on the Sport. It's surprising which one is the better display.
  9. ZR_Yancy

    Random Videos

    I couldn't find a random videos thread around here. We can post things here that aren't captured on an iDevice. I'll start it.
  10. ZR_Yancy

    My New Hobby

    Ever since I purchased my first quadcopter, I find it so liberating flying this thing. I don't know why but it just relaxes me like fishing relaxes me. Maybe the thought of such freedom up in the sky is what does it. Here are some footage flying around my neighborhood on a sunny spring day...
  11. ZR_Yancy

    iPhone 6 Plus LifeProof Equivalent?

    Since I couldn't wait for Lifeproof to create a case for my iPhone 6 Plus, I went ahead and purchased a Redpepper case that does everything a LifeProof case does but it comes with a wrist strap and kick stand. So far so good.
  12. ZR_Yancy

    iOS 8.1 Brings Back Camera Roll

    Looks like Apple got too many complaints. According to this report, iOS 8.1 will include camera roll.*
  13. ZR_Yancy

    GapGate with the new Note 4

    Looks like Samsung is having manufacturing problems. They had the nerve to say something about bent iPhone 6's. TheBoyGeniusReport (BGR | Boy Genius Report)
  14. ZR_Yancy

    iPhone 6/6 Plus Videos

    Post your videos captured on your iPhone 6 or 6 Plus. Here's one with 240fps slow motion. Has anybody had any luck uploading to youtube from your iPhone? I attempted using iMovie which usually works and the photos app. No luck. Is Google blocking videos from iPhones or something?
  15. ZR_Yancy

    Best Camera on a smartphone ever?

    Apple does it again! What happened to the Lumia 808 or 1020?
  16. ZR_Yancy

    What Widgets Do You Have?

    So far, I use Agenda+ and Launcher .
  17. ZR_Yancy

    VoLTE on iPhone 6 and 6 Plus

    Has anyone tested this out yet? If so, how does it sound? I understand it's HD quality voice. I think you have to enable it in the cellular settings (voice+data).
  18. ZR_Yancy

    Amazing iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus Camera Review

    This guy did a thorough camera review with the new iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. Some amazing photos were captured. Check it out!
  19. ZR_Yancy

    3rd party keyboards in the AppStore

    I already have two keyboards installed for iOS 8.
  20. ZR_Yancy

    Finger Vein Scanner

    You think Apple will ever implement this on Touch ID! It would seem more secure and provide increased read success rate. Since built up grease on the scanner wouldn't affect it.