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  1. Michael Baturin

    iPhone X What is the fastest way to charge iPhone X in the Car?

    I've been trying to figure this out for a while with my iPhone 7 Plus. With the 7 Plus, I always just had a USB extension from the center console USB input run down the side of the driver's seat, around the bottom back of the driver's seat, then back up between the driver's seat and the door...
  2. Michael Baturin

    iPad Pro 9.7" vs 12.9"

    I'm torn between which model to get. I currently have my iPad Air 2 on Craigslist and eBay for sale. Main reason I'm looking to upgrade is to use the Apple Pencil so the iPad can become my "take to meeting" device. I'm tired of lugging my PC around the campus I work at for meetings. With that...
  3. Michael Baturin

    iPhone 6s List the Things not Mentioned in The Keynote - 6s + iOS9

    A few things I've found that are interesting. According to Apple's Website, the 6s will not only have the 3D Touch, but it will provide subtle haptic feedback along with the force touch. This means it will work similar to the trackpad on the new Macbooks. Dynamic Wallpapers. At the same...
  4. Michael Baturin

    Apple Watch - Scratch Already!

    I kind of knew it might happen seeing the others around the web showing off their micro scratches on their Apple Watches. I'm super careful with mine so I have no idea how this happened. I'll be trying the steel polish trick tomorrow...ugh
  5. Michael Baturin

    Where in the World are the Photo Wallpapers

    Anyone remember these from the keynote promo video's? Have I missed them or are they not available in Watch OS 1.0?
  6. Michael Baturin

    New Star Wars Trailer

    This is going to be awesome. Who else is excited as me?
  7. Michael Baturin

    Bands, Bands, Bands

    So much talk about the Apple Watch today in the media and tech blogorsphere, not so much talk about the bands that go with them. I have decided I am ordering one - likely an Apple Watch model. I am leaning towards the black leather loop on the 42mm Face. This handy utility lets you see what...
  8. Michael Baturin

    MacBook Super Funny Macbook Spoof

    A coworker showed this to me this morning. I actually think the machine is a beautiful piece of engineering, just a little overpriced like the MacBooke Air was upon release. But, just for laughs....
  9. Michael Baturin

    Issues with iTunes Today

    Just wanted to see if anyone else is getting errors when trying to use iTunes to use iTunes Match or connect to the store? I keep getting, iTunes cannot connect to the Store at this time.
  10. Michael Baturin

    Awesome new Kickstarter - LOOP

    I always wished NFC would pan out but as the creators of Loop put it "Store owners have no incentive to change their systems to accept new technologies that few consumers are using, and consumers are not going to adopt a solution that they can’t use where they shop every day. So no merchant...
  11. Michael Baturin

    The iPhone 5S In-Line Ordering Thread

    So let's hear it - where are you in line and how many people are with you! I'm at the Marlton, NJ Sagemore store with about 40 other people. I'm about 25 in line. Gonna be a long night.
  12. Michael Baturin

    Why isn't anyone talking about the 5S iSight Camera?

    People expect innovation from Apple. Fingerprint scanners have been around for a long time. My first job out of college 5 years ago gave me a Lenovo laptop with a fingerprint scanner on it. I am excited for that feature, but only because it will save me 3 seconds every time I want to download...
  13. Michael Baturin

    Notification Center - Epiphany

    For a long time, I have always been somewhat annoyed at notifications and how they work in iOS. I have tried disabling notification center, limiting what notifies me, and every combination in between. I always find myself less than satisfied. I just had an epiphany as to why. I realized...
  14. Michael Baturin

    Anyone have iOS 7 Beta 1 Installed Yet? Thoughts?

    So for some reason - even though I am an enterprise developer, I am having issues getting to the download page and UDID registration page (maybe not available for this type of dev account) Anyways - how are you liking it?
  15. Michael Baturin

    Post a Picture of Your Man Cave

    My father-in-law and I just finishaed transforming his 70's Brady Bunch basement into a new Man Cave equipped with 90" projected screen, Pool Table, and Wet Bar all with remote controlled lighting. Sources include Comcast, Bluray, Apple TV:), and Wii (PS3 coming soon). Bar TV is a split of the...
  16. Michael Baturin

    iPhone 5, Lightning, iOS6 - something fixed me!

    Until the iPhone 5, everytime I would get in my car, if I plugged my iPhone to the car's USB 30 pin connector BEFORE the Bluetooth connected, once it did, all audio through the cord would be lost until I unplugged and replugged the cord. This has always been an annoyance which forced me to wait...
  17. Michael Baturin

    AT&T iPhone 5 and live near Philly? Good News!

    Yesterday, AT&T turned on their LTE network in the Philadelphia area. This was my only gripe with getting the iPhone 5 as I live near Philly and was expecting to not be able to take advantage of the LTE functionality. Who else is even more pumped now?! Sent from my iPad using iCafe app
  18. Michael Baturin

    Just Sold iPhone 4S AT&T 64GB - Did I Get A Good Deal?

    After some serious research around the web, it seems this year, unlike past years, iPhones are simply not selling for the premium resale values I am used to getting. For example I've sold every iPhone since the first within $50 (plus or minus) of the non-subsidized price. After checking around...
  19. Michael Baturin

    Mac Pro MacBook Pro Retina

    Pretty excited today as I am now the keeper of a MacBook Pro Retina. Though it does not exactly belong to me (company machine) - I am it's keeper. Super excited and learning my way around. I actually haven't used Mac OS in a while. Kind of weird to be (what I would consider) a iOS pro, and a OSX...
  20. Michael Baturin

    Why GPS on the iPad is Awesome

    Call me crazy, but there is something to be said about detail on GPS systems. Maps are detailed monsters by nature. Add GPS functionality like lane assist, ****pits with speed etc, and other usefull information, and an iPhone screen gets real small, real fast. I recently updated my Navigon...