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  1. trnsilver

    iOS 8.1 battery life issues

    Ever since upgrading my iPhone 6 Plus to iOS 8.1, my battery has been draining like crazy and my phone is running hot to the touch, even when I am hardly using it for a significant period of time. As I found out by doing a Google search today, this is not an uncommon issue...
  2. trnsilver

    Notification / mail notification issues

    I was using iOS7 on my iPhone 5 and everything was working fine. I received my iPhone 5S in the mail today and finished setting it up hours ago. For a long time, I was not receiving any notifications at all despite them being set to on and nothing having been changed. I was able to fix...
  3. trnsilver

    Problems: Buttons not so solid / e-mail

    Having two problems, one physical and one otherwise. Physically, the sleep button on top is very loose - it rattles when you move the phone even gently back-and-forth. I've never had this issue with any of my previous iPhones. Have any of you (either with this 5S or others)? Is it worth trying...
  4. trnsilver

    Apple TV + Windows 8

    I've been interested in getting an Apple TV for quite some time, mostly because I love streaming stuff from my computer to the TV. I have a PS3 but ever since upgrading to Windows 8, the PS3 Media Server has become a struggle and unreliable, and the Windows Media Server is equally bad/annoying...
  5. trnsilver

    Not flawless...looks-wise

    I'm used to the iPhones I get being pretty flawless as far as how they're manufactured. This one I just got has a very slight discoloration in two small parts of the top corners of the phone and at one of the breaks near the bottom. It's certainly not something I'm going to fuss over but I...
  6. trnsilver

    30-pin adapter - no iPod out!

    The 30-pin adapter being sold by Apple for the iPhone 5 to mate with old adapters does NOT support iPod out...which means that connectors like the ones in your cars will not be able to read the info and post it on your dash units like they currently do. So mad.
  7. trnsilver

    Don't pre-order - just walk into Best Buy?

    I remember when the 4S came out reading on here that a lot of people did not even bother with pre-ordering and simply walked into Best Buy on the day it went on sale and got a new iPhone without even reserving it...that they had tons just sitting there waiting to be bought. I think the concept...
  8. trnsilver

    iTunes opening on its own

    I'm using Windows 7 and just got an iPhone 4S (upgraded from iPhone 4). Ever since I set-up the 4S today, even when closed, my iTunes is opening on its own and - eventually - connecting to my iPhone (probably to check for updates, sync, etc.) The problem is that this is extremely annoying and...
  9. trnsilver

    Setting up 4S / iCloud / Apple ID

    Here's my situation. I have an iPhone 4 and, upon installing iOS5, created a new Apple ID because I wanted as an e-mail address. Because I did that, and I still have a gift card balance/all my apps registered to my old Apple ID ( email), technically my iPhone 4 is using both...
  10. trnsilver

    Incase Slider and Snap cases for iPhone 4 now available

    Just saw on Twitter that the cases are now available. The Slider is only available in black right now - 3 other colors will ship in two and three weeks, respectively. The snap is available in clear. Here's my question - when will they be in retail stores? Don't really...
  11. trnsilver

    Gmail archiving and not deleting

    In my previous two iPhones, when wanting to delete a message from my Gmail account, I did so without problem. Whether swiping or hitting "edit" to delete multiple messages, the choices were "Delete" and "Move" Now, for some reason, after setting up Gmail on my iPhone 4, my two options are...
  12. trnsilver

    Leaving the screen on while chafing

    I have never had one of the alarm clock apps before but just downloaded one. Can I harm my phone/screen or shorten it's life or battery by leaving it on all night every night while on a charger? If so, I'll trash it. If not, seems like a cool idea. This is not an app question, it is a phone...
  13. trnsilver

    Different type of reception issue?

    So I just got my phone operational...don't see blotches or constellations, proximity sensor works, volume buttons work, still haven't tried here are my issues. My phone keeps gaining and losing bars while sitting in place in my home that, previously, had five full bars on my...
  14. trnsilver

    Quick IMEI question

    I was under the impression that - if I ordered the iPhone 4 on one line and wanted it switched to another - all I had to do was call 611 and get them to adjust the IMEI number. I just called and they said they could not do it - that I have to go into AT&T and physically get a new microSIM (for...
  15. trnsilver

    New iPhone 4 checklist

    With all of the little problems and issues surrounding the new iPhone 4, I was looking for a definitive list of everything I should check when getting the phone (it is waiting for me at my house). Here is what I have come up with so far...was hoping you guys could help fill in the rest? 1)...
  16. trnsilver

    AT&T Upgrade process shows no iPhone 4s

    I just went through the AT&T upgrade process see if I could get one taken care of and just get it two weeks later or whatever. They are not even offering the iPhone 4 as an option at this point. Only 3GS and a 3G that is "temporarily out of stock." Amazing.
  17. trnsilver

    How to restore iPhone 3GS *after* setting up iPhone 4

    I saw similar threads to this...but nothing that answered my exact question. I know some of you prefer to erase your current phone before setting up the new one, but I actually like doing it the other way around to make sure everything is all hunkey-dorey (sp) with the new device first. So...
  18. trnsilver

    New pre-order

    RE: pre-ordering to pick-up at AT&T: 1) Can I do this pre-order online for pick-up in store? 2) Can I do this in-store? 3) If I pre-order online, do I have to choose a data plan (obviously this would be bad because I want to keep my unlimited).
  19. trnsilver

    You can also go to The Shack

    Radio Shack just announced that they will also be selling the iPhone 4 on launch day - June 24. Just another place for you to go if you don't pre-order and Apple, AT&T and Best Buy are sold out.
  20. trnsilver

    Family plan upgrade line swap suggestions?

    Because my line on the family plan is not eligible until 02/11, I will need to upgrade to the iPhone 4 (with the $199 subsidy) on a different line on my family plan. However, because the iPhone 4 uses a microSIM, this will not be as seemless as it was last year. With that being said...what do...