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  1. iCop

    Thank God for iPhone or else.....

    I would have no computer. I saved up for a long time to be able to buy a new 24" iMac a few weeks ago. I it ran great! The I got leopard in the mail be upgraded the OS. Then I got a new 500gig hard drive to use with time machine. NOTHING BUT PROBLEMS NOW. As of Tory I can not even load...
  2. iCop

    New Mac owner (thanks everyone) with questions

    This is completely off topic but I can't seem to find a few things I am searching for. One is a good personal finance program like Quicken Deluxe for windows. I have been using quicken on a PC forever and can't seem to find a good version for mac. The screenshots I see from quickens website...
  3. iCop

    Auto-Correct no longer works

    I have no idea what happened. My auto-correct stopped working completly. Even when i go back to the home screen ad back to safari, its just gone. It doesn't work in any application. I even restored it and still, no auto-correct. Any ideas?
  4. iCop

    Getting songs from iPhone to empty iTunes library

    I had to format my HD and somehow forgot to save my songs. Lost them all. Now I am trying to figure out how to get them from my iPhone back on to my computer. I am sure this has been asked several times before, but perhaps I am using the wrong search terms. Help anyone?
  5. iCop

    Vista wants to stay

    Off topic, but i really need help from someone who really knows computers. I upgraded from XP to Vista and now need to format my hard drive (several months later) so I can do a fresh install of both. The problem is vista doesn't seem to have an uninstall option. I need this done as soon as...
  6. iCop

    Questions about Mac

    I am getting ready to buy a mac. Never owned one, but from watching videos on youtube about them, I just gotta get one. I have about $3,000 to spare on one. I am thinking about getting an iMac with a 24" screen. But I have a few questions: 1: Will my iPhone settings convert over to the...
  7. iCop

    State Farm giveth, and State Farm taketh away!

    So a few weeks ago I was so happy. State Farm insured my iPhone for $30 per year, zero deductible. Then today I get a call from the agent saying, "were sorry, I was just informed we no longer insure cellular phones. You will remain insured until September 17th, but then we are cancelling your...
  8. iCop

    Somebody please help! (video download problem)

    About a year ago I posted a video on The video is of when I met my birth-mother for the first time in 30 years. The problem is that the origional copy has been destroyed and it is now only available to me on zippyvideos. I can't download it to my computer from there (much less...
  9. iCop

    Youtube iPhone format?

    I thought that eventually all youtube videos would be formatted to work on the iPhone. Did I understand that correctly? If so, is there some date they expect this to happen? Just curious.
  10. iCop

    what Mac should I buy?

    After buying the iPhone and watching various videos about the mac I have decided I want to move from pc to mac. I have a pc laptop and need a desktop. I want something to surf the web, email, photoshop, video conferencing, and just plain looks hot! I will have about $2,000 to spend. I do...
  11. iCop

    Lack of "Made for iPhone" accessories sucks!

    This is by far my biggest issue. I love my iPhone but not being able to buy stuff made for it (other than cases) is just stupid. Usually these products start appearing on shelves at product launch, if not before. I want a good docking station with alarm and an fm transmitter that charges, but...
  12. iCop

    My computer is jealous

    Its been over a month now and I am still constantly on my iPhone. My girlfriend says I am obsessed with it, and I am noticing that I use it to surf the web even more than my computer. I am sure of is because my phone is always with me and ready to go. So my computer is jealous that I use my...
  13. iCop

    Desktop Clock?

    I was curious if there was any way to use my iPhone as a desktop clock. It is such a beautiful phone, I think it would be nice to have it function as an always on (while docked) clock, so that I didn't need to hit the home button everytime I wanted to check the time. It woud be nice to also...
  14. iCop

    How have your typing skills changed?

    Using a computer I type with only a few fingers at an average of 40wpm. It took a week or so, but now on my iPhone I am typing at an average of 51wpm using my left thumb and right index finger. The auto fix never seems to let me down. I am typing MUCH faster and more accurate than I ever did...
  15. iCop

    Telekinesis type program for Windows Vista?

    Someday I will own a mac, but for now I am stuck with my pc's I would LOVE to be able to remotely access my computer with my iPhone. Is there a program that would work for us pc users?
  16. iCop

    iRing: Anyone try it yet?

    Has anyone here tried iRing found on ? If so, how did it work out for you? Was it really that easy?
  17. iCop

    Podcasts showing up as songs instead of podcast

    Perhaps I am doing something wrong, but several of the podcasts I have downloaded and put on my phone don't show up in the podcasts area. They are listed in my songs though. Example: The Apple Phone Show Am I doing something wrong or can I only store a defined amount of podcasts?
  18. iCop

    iPhone = Babe Magnet

    So I head out to the Quick Mart last night for a late night snack. iPhone on my hip and listening to a favorite podcast. I am standing in line and there is an absolutely smoking hot woman behind me. One of those that make you holy crap, did you see her? So I am about to be next in line and...