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  1. Test-Pilot

    8 Days from now

    In the calendar app: if I have an appointment 8 days from now, I cannot see it's details on the Watch. I would have to check the phone. On the Watch, the calendar app shows up to only 7 days out. Am I wrong? Or is that ridiculousness real? Nevermind trying to see multiple months ahead. Also, in...
  2. Test-Pilot

    Slo-mo not slow on desktop

    I think I saw something about this before, but there was no real resolution to the issue. The Slo-mo is great, and when I share the video to another iPhone or to Facebook, the video does play in slow motion. However, when I upload it to my desktop, the video plays at full speed. Does anyone...
  3. Test-Pilot


    I just ordered the iPad Mini from the Apple Store. I went for the big boy. Yes, the 64 GB model in black. I'm excited and cannot wait for it to ship.
  4. Test-Pilot

    Strange Calendar problem

    Just got a new iPhone 4S for a family member. We're having a weird problem: we can't seem to create any events in the Calendar app. While in the app, there is no "plus" sign to tap on in order to create a new event. Checked settings, and got nothing that helped. Any ideas?
  5. Test-Pilot

    Is Siri getting dumber?

    When it first came out, I couldn't sing it's virtues enough. It was great; I had very rarely experienced difficulty in getting Siri to do exactly as I asked. But lately, it's getting whacky. Example: "Remind me to put the platter into the oven at 6:00 PM" gets transcribed as "Put Clara into the...
  6. Test-Pilot

    Adobe throws in the towel

    Flash will be dead soon. At least the mobile:
  7. Test-Pilot

    Best reason to get an iPhone

    Dunno if this has been posted before (probably has), but it's worth seeing (again). This ---> alone is worth getting the iPhone for!;)
  8. Test-Pilot

    Flash coming to iPad? hhmmmm...
  9. Test-Pilot

    Can you export video from the 3GS?

    I know you can email it. But as I understand it, the iPhone compresses the video before emailing. I'm more interested in exporting the video from the iPhone to my desktop computer with as little compression as possible (for the sake of image quality). Also, if it is possible, what format is the...
  10. Test-Pilot

    Shape Writing Pad

    Surprisingly accurate and innovative way to input text. You simply drag your fingertip along the keyboard, tracing a line along the letters of the word you want to type, and it writes it. Double letters are a non-issue, and unknown words and names can be learned. Excellent program, and it's free!
  11. Test-Pilot

    Strange quirk/bug in 1.1.4?

    Quite oftentimes, I initiate a phone call from the RECENTS list. Since I upgraded to 1.1.4, I've experienced an odd happening, where I would touch the recent contact that I want to call, but the confirmation "blue flash" would "jump" to a different contact within the list, usually 2-3 contacts...
  12. Test-Pilot

    Odd Voice-mail question

    Did a search, but could not find anything on this: Is there any way to save a voice-mail? More specifically, I'd like to take the audio message and have it transfered to my computer as an audio file. Is there any way to do this? Incidentally, my phone is 1.1.4 and not JB.