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  1. RicK james

    iPhone 6s Verizon Visual Voicemail asking for mailbox number?

    I guess I never set up my email when I went from 6s to 6s plus. When I hit voice mail it says to put my mailbox number in? Do I need to restore my phone to set this up? Thanks
  2. RicK james

    iPhone 6s iTunes alphabet listing out of whack?

    Anyone else have their artist listing a letter behind? My A's shows B artist and it goes all the way down. C shows D artist and and D shows E artist etc. Not a huge issue just curious
  3. RicK james

    iPhone 6s 3D Touch peeks at bookmark when I want to delete?

    probably not a big deal and I'm sure I'm doing it wrong. When I to my bookmarks to delete a bookmark it gives me a how do I delete it
  4. RicK james

    iPhone 6s Live Wallpaper?

    How do they work? I have one set to lock screen and another as wallpaper to test it out and neither are doing anything. They look like stills
  5. RicK james

    iPhone 6s Will case fit both 6S plus and 6 plus?

    just like the title reads. I bought a new case and was told it will fit the 6S plus.....will it lol
  6. RicK james

    iPhone 6s Fed Ex won't hold at location

    So i have read people are picking up their phones from Fed Ex instead of waiting or they won't be home. When I called they said Apple will not allow that and they need to be delivered. Does this sound correct?
  7. RicK james

    iPhone 6s Can I pick-up my iPhone from Fedex?

    Can we have the phones picked up at a location like you can UPS? I would rather grab them in the morning
  8. RicK james

    battery widget or icon

    i thought there was supposed to be a battery widget but I can't seem to find it. There isn't an option to turn on the icon at the top right of screen like in the past. I can see to find "usage"
  9. RicK james

    home page

    Does no one update the EIC home page anymore? Usually it has updates or upcoming events/products but its been stuck on apple music and passwords since june I think. just curious thats all
  10. RicK james

    iPhone 6s Verizon opened early

    just got a silver 128 g iPhone 6s plus..verizon opened 5 min early..expected deliver 9/25
  11. RicK james

    iPhone 6s Apple not showing correct eligibility?

    Any reason why verizon shows me eligible as of 09/10 but the apple sites shows contract free and all the phones at full price?
  12. RicK james

    What's the return policy on Apple Watch?

    I really want to try out and play with a watch. I don't know anyone that has one so its all or nothing I guess. I don't want to go eBay route and save 50.00 but not be able to return it. Does The watch come with the normals 14 day return policy? Anyone have issues returning and getting money...
  13. RicK james

    iTunes question on my 6 plus

    This is more of an iTunes question than a 6pmus question. Is there a reason why some artist with multiple albums can be shuffled while other artists can only be "followed"
  14. RicK james

    Different colors in iTunes?

    Sorry I wasn't sure where to put this and maybe I'm going crazy. Tonight I downloaded a few songs on the phone. All were normal downloads but the blast one download in black. Is that normal?
  15. RicK james

    iMac Handoff?

    Anyone have trouble with handoff? I have this mac i just bought and it is running 10.10.4. I have the 6plus running updated software and I have cloud on. I go through the paring process of the two and get the code then it suddenly says "This iMac is not supported" how is that?
  16. RicK james

    New to Apple TV

    So I received the Apple TV this week along with my iMac. All home sharing is turned on but it only plays music I've purchased. Can I not stream my entire library? Thanks
  17. RicK james

    iMac bypass login password?

    Is there a way to bypass the password log in for this mac? I looked online and made what change I thought would work but its still needing the password
  18. RicK james

    iMac Transfer iTunes

    So I consolidated my iTunes into one folder as the apple site suggested. Can I just that to an external hard drive, hook it to the Mac and then transfer to music folder in Mac? Same with photos as well?
  19. RicK james

    iMac New iMac purchase

    Hey guys, I've never had an Imac before so I just ordered on and it will be here next week. A few questions. Can i use the current external hdd I have for my HP laptop? I think it would work fine? Will it come with Yosemite or if not is it a free upgrade from mavericks? thanks
  20. RicK james

    Purchase with gift cards?

    Can you purchase a phone or partial payment with Apple gift cards? I have a few worth about 200.00 and would like to use it toward the watch if possible