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    Any suggestions

    I currently have the 16GB iPhone that i can easily sell for 300 to 350 on craigslist. But here is my problem when i log onto it is saying that i have to pay 599 for 16GB and 699 for 32GB. I really want the new one i just don't want to pay almost 700 dollars for one. should i go to a att...
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    iTunes and iPhone apps?

    Ok im going to try and explain the best i can. Say i have a mobile me account which is my iTunes account also, that i purchased apps on my iPhone and iTunes with and i want to switch everything i purchased from that account to my new mobile me account. how can i go about doing this. i don't...
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    trip to the genius bar!

    well i took a trip to the bar today, since i have been having some issues with my iPhone. i noticed that when they plug it into there mac they can see what programs are making your phone act weird. i just wanted to know what kind of program that is? or if it was something in iTunes since that is...
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    Could this be a problem!

    check out this support discussion and see if you have the same problem. i know i do. do you think Apple will replace my phone?
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    invisible shield for 3G iPhone

    if you have ever used this product for the 1st iPhone how was it? does it affect the touchscreen anyway. does it make the phone look different? as i have seen in some videos, it makes the phone look sticky please just leave some reviews of the invisible shield. or if you don't think its good...
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    new site! help

    ok this is wayyyyyy off topic but im doin a project for school and you get extra credit for the most hits in a website in a week. so if you could please check out my web site i would greatly appreciate it. i know its way off topic and a stupid site but just click it and close if you want even...
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    X SIM

    has anyone tried xsim. i just cant wait any longer for the 1.1.2 otb unlock. and this seems to be the cheepest sim unlock available. if not this one what others should i get that are on the cheap side and work
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    how to get this off

    i have a lot of little spot all over the back if my phone. i tried water that didn't work. i just want to know what i can use without hurting it
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    all dirt

    I Got a case for Xmas and have had it on since then. But me being stupid I didn't clean it before I put it in there. And now there is little stains on the back that won't come off. Any ideas of how I could remove them.
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    Time is off...

    ive been trying to fix this for bout an hour the time on my iPhone says 3 sumthin and over in the orlando florida area its 630 p.m. how can i fix this it is set to automatic? what time zone should i use? thanks.
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    when backed up

    u restored my phone. but the pics i took with the iPhones camera can i get them back from the back up or not?
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    I Want An Exchange

    i have not picked a plan wit AT&T yet but i think i have a faulty phone. it is jailbroken but i have no apps other than the ones that came with jailbreaking it. my screen does not always work. it has very slow reactions. it never used to act like this. i have restored it to see if that helps...
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    what happens if...

    i restore a jailbroken 1.1.2 do i have to downgrade then go back to 1.1.2 again or what do i have to do. im not really in the modd for doing that over again but i have been having problems so i restored.
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    Alright I just can't take it.

    my phone is constantly booting to the home screen no matter what I am doing. I can not do anything without being interrupted. Even the keyboard is reacting slow. So my question is since I havnt signed up with AT&T can I restore my phone and bring it in for an exchange. What should I do before I...
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    Back to home screen.

    I recently updated my phone to the newest software. And ever since I did that my phone has been laggy and whenever I'm on safari it will close out of nowhere. And go back to the home screen. My iPhone is jailbroken but I have no apps. Is there a way to fix this? Even the Internet Is slow and I'm...
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    i just upgraded.... to 1.1.2

    well i recently downgraded from an oob 1.1.2 to 1.1.1 to jailbreak it. then i heard about the 1.1.3 might be coming so i oktopreped then upgraded to 1.1.2. so the questions is after i upgraded i went to installer and it only shows installer installed with the last version it had this and i...
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    Could i go back?

    you guys know when u first get your phone how you have to select a plan and everything? well i skipped that and just jailbroke it, but i was wondering if i ever want to start a plan and get a number how do get that page back up? do i just restore? also is there a way to return the phone back to...
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    First Day owner questions

    alright first things first. its an amazing device like i said in an earlier post but i have a couple of questions for you guys and gals. why is my iPhones coverflow off when it is fine it iTunes. like everything is all mixed around but on iTunes its perfected to the point. i set up my email...
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    Just Got It!

    i just received me iPhone and one word..... AMAZING!
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    Dev team to open free unlock