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    Do iPods Recognize Blue Tooth?

    I know that when I bought my Ipod a little while ago that there really was not a whole lot out in the blue tooth area but now it seems that everything is blue tooth this and blue tooth that, do the new Ipod recognize blue tooth accessories?
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    Buying off eBay?

    Did anyone here buy their Ipod off of ebay? Was it new or used? How much did you pay? I have a friend that is looking for one but does not have the money to buy a new one and is looking for a used one on ebay, do you think that you can find a good deal and not get ripped off?
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    Where do you vacation?

    I am always looking for somewhere new and exciting to go so I like to ask where everyone else has been and what they thought of it. So far I have not had a lot of time to travel so I really have not been anywhere too exciting.
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    Anyone here go to college?

    I went to a Community College and got and associates degree but that is all I have accomplished so far. I would like to go back and get my master's in Computer Science since that is my passion. Who else has went to college?
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    Do you think that Apple should make a phone?

    The more I have read lately the more that I believe that Apple does not have a phone in development. Do you think that Apple should make a phone or just stick to what they know? I think that they could make a pretty nice phone but Apple is too expensive for the average person so I think that...
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    Will Apple create Bluetooth accessories to go with iPhone?

    So I am sure that the iPhone will have bluetooth but do you think that Apple may create a whole new bluetooth accessory? I think it would be neat to have a bluetooth pen that you could use to pencil things in on your calendar.