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  1. ChristinaArrech

    Hurt myself good this time

    My mom always told me if I was going to hurt myself, I might as well go all out. Well this time I did. I have patellar condromalacia and the last bout of it has ended me up in this brace for a month. :/ Sent from my iPhone using iCafe app
  2. ChristinaArrech

    iPad and iPhone?

    I already have an iPhone 4, but I am thinking about buying an iPad. Would it make sense to buy both devices, or just stick with my phone? And if having both makes sense, which iPad should I buy?
  3. ChristinaArrech

    Dreams of the day?

    I have no idea if this is a thread all ready started. If it is, just delete or lock it. But this is just to say what ever your dream was from the night before. I'll start. I had a dream that my really close friend, that I haven't seen in ages, came over and I was so happy. I also dreamed that I...
  4. ChristinaArrech

    Downgrade from 4.2.8 to 4.0.1 for jailbreak?

    Is there any program out there to downgrade my iPhone 4 so I can jailbreak using
  5. ChristinaArrech

    Otterbox Commuter for iPhone

    Getting a green on black otterbox commuter for my new iPhone. Anyone have any reviews on this case?
  6. ChristinaArrech

    Can I send a text message while on a call?

    I understand no Internet and calling at the same time, but does this include sending text messaging too?
  7. ChristinaArrech

    iPod to iPhone on iTunes?

    If this is in the wrong place, sorry! I am buying an iPhone soon. How would I transfer everything from my iPod 2g to my iPhone on one iTunes account?
  8. ChristinaArrech

    iPod jailbreaking?

    I am thinking about jailbreaking my IPod touch 2g when I get my verizon iPhone 4. I have never jailbroken before, which is why I am trying it on my iPod first. If I buy and download an app from Cydia to my iPod touch, can I transfer it to my iPhone with out having to jailbreak both devices? I...