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  1. twindc23

    AT&T Glendale CA campsite (pics)

    heres the att site when i first drove by @ 6am Only 3 people in line. So being close to home i went home for a few. I went back around 9am and a handful more people came. so i decided to stay. Im about # 12 in the line.
  2. twindc23

    The Wall Street Journal: Testing out the iPhone review

    Sorry i had to cut it in segments... site wont allow me to post more than 4 pics @ a time and I wanted the full review posted. Plus if this is a repost.... Admin, pls delete. ********************************************************************** THE MOSSBERG SOLUTION Testing Out the iPhone...
  3. twindc23

    Funny iPhone videos

    I hope this haven't been posted yet. But heres a couple funny vids i found in the internet. If you guys find any other great/funny iPhone vids. please post in this thread. Enjoy! :laugh2:
  4. twindc23

    Hi-Fi and iPhone question?

    Do u guys think it will be compatible with the Hi-Fi? i hope so!