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  1. iCop

    Stay awake on external power

    Just go to settings and set Auto-Lock to never. As long as it is charging it will stay awake
  2. iCop

    Thank God for iPhone or else.....

    Well, I was finally able to reload Leopard (for the 3rd time). The Domain file was not there so I had to rebuild the entire website. Since I have the 24" iMac I was able to put the site one one side of the screen and the iWeb next to it so I could build it to look the exact same. Was pretty...
  3. iCop

    Thank God for iPhone or else.....

    Okay, I was finally able to reload Leopard. I did an erase and install on it. I then put iLife '08 back on. Here's my problem though (somebody please help me here)...... I have an iWeb page that I need to restore. I had been using Time Machine before my mac took a dump, but I can't find...
  4. iCop

    Thank God for iPhone or else.....

    I would have no computer. I saved up for a long time to be able to buy a new 24" iMac a few weeks ago. I it ran great! The I got leopard in the mail be upgraded the OS. Then I got a new 500gig hard drive to use with time machine. NOTHING BUT PROBLEMS NOW. As of Tory I can not even load...
  5. iCop

    Top speaker not working. (Main Speaker)

    Same thing happened to me. I took it back to Apple and they gave me a new one (now my 5th iPhone)
  6. iCop

    New Mac owner (thanks everyone) with questions

    This is completely off topic but I can't seem to find a few things I am searching for. One is a good personal finance program like Quicken Deluxe for windows. I have been using quicken on a PC forever and can't seem to find a good version for mac. The screenshots I see from quickens website...
  7. iCop

    MacBook If I buy MacBook now, will Apple upgrade to Leopard within 30 days free?

    I just purchased a new 24" iMac 3 days ago. It is my first mac and I am a bit lost on how to do a lot of very simple tasks. I will learn it over time though I am sure. I just wish I waited until the 26th so I could get Leopard. I will have had this computer for less than 2 weeks when Leopard...
  8. iCop

    Web apps make no sense to me

    iPhone friendly site? What I don't understand is why the hell does Apple NOT have an iPhone friendly version of their site?!? I would think that the makers of the iPhone would want to show off not only how "cool" the scrolling with your finger can be, but how nicely a site can be navigated...
  9. iCop

    Auto-Correct no longer works

    Nope, I never added apps to my phone. Also, I have Restored the phone 3 times trying to get this to work.... It still does not. I am getting so pissed at this thing right now! My wifi decided it no longer wants to work either. It has a check mark in the box for my network, but never...
  10. iCop

    Auto-Correct no longer works

    I have no idea what happened. My auto-correct stopped working completly. Even when i go back to the home screen ad back to safari, its just gone. It doesn't work in any application. I even restored it and still, no auto-correct. Any ideas?
  11. iCop

    Getting songs from iPhone to empty iTunes library

    Thank you, I will check it out. Sucks that it isn't as easy as drag & drop :)
  12. iCop

    Getting songs from iPhone to empty iTunes library

    I had to format my HD and somehow forgot to save my songs. Lost them all. Now I am trying to figure out how to get them from my iPhone back on to my computer. I am sure this has been asked several times before, but perhaps I am using the wrong search terms. Help anyone?
  13. iCop

    Vista wants to stay

    Would love to format it, but I can't. It won't let me. There is no option to format when I restart with the disc in like other versions of windows. I need to format because it has become so damn buggy and unstable.
  14. iCop

    Vista wants to stay

    Off topic, but i really need help from someone who really knows computers. I upgraded from XP to Vista and now need to format my hard drive (several months later) so I can do a fresh install of both. The problem is vista doesn't seem to have an uninstall option. I need this done as soon as...
  15. iCop

    iPhone Hackers Prosecuted

    The first link posted in this thread crashes my safari on my iPhone everytime. Odd.
  16. iCop

    Comment welcome on iPhone style website:

    Let me start by saying THANK YOU for this website! I have it bookmarked. Part of my job as a deputy sheriff is being a school resource officer. I often need to know much of the information given on your site for when my sgt. asks. This loads nice and quick on EDGE. Again, thanks.
  17. iCop

    Questions about Mac

    I am getting ready to buy a mac. Never owned one, but from watching videos on youtube about them, I just gotta get one. I have about $3,000 to spare on one. I am thinking about getting an iMac with a 24" screen. But I have a few questions: 1: Will my iPhone settings convert over to the...
  18. iCop

    iPhone to Consider

    I've owned many cell phones and this is BY FAR the best cell phone I have ever purchased. And, it will get even better. For me, I will most likely be an Apple customer for life.
  19. iCop

    State Farm giveth, and State Farm taketh away!

    Trust me, I have no plans to rip off the insurance company. I simply said I need to find another one because mine is dumping on me.
  20. iCop

    online banking on iPhone safe?

    I do my online banking with my iPhone all the time. I am with Bank of America. They have a mobile specific version of their site so it is nice and easy. You can make sure the site is safe by looking at the first part of the URL. If it starts with "https://" the "s" is secure. If it has the "s"...