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    What game are you currently playing on your iPhone

    Rhythm master, I play this game now
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    Did anyone use a SocBlue Apple Peel?

    I found a new stuff (new for me at least), called socblue Apple peel, said can make iPhone dual card standby, and ipad ipod bmake call or send message. Well, anyone have used this? How about? Things like this...
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    Post Your Last Purchase

    I bought this DIY miniature wood house as a gift for my little sister(How to add picture from my computer, I can only insert from a URL, it's boring because I have to find it on website): well, why so...
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    What Did You Get for Christmas?

    I got a mini flyer, and a new case for my ipad, also big bear toy. mini flyer:
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    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas, everyone.
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    Is it worth to get a keyboard for iPad?

    Well, things change too fast, colorful data cables has already shows up :) now. You just bought this, then you find another new one seems better than what you got, ..........
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    Cool and Funny Photo Sharing

    haha, that's so funny
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    Which iPad mini model do you think will be the most popular?

    I would like the 4G model, 32G
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    Cases-- which for new iPad?

    Seems like most people love the lifeproof case, is it that good?
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    Guess the price of the iPad mini

    Wi-Fi version: $329 for 16GB version, $429 for 32GB version and $ 529 for 64GB version. 4G models: 16GB version is $ 459, 32GB version for $ 559, 64GB version for $ 659.-------------From the media reports
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    What case did you get for your mini?

    I want to get a purple one, but they told me it's out stock now, I have to wait for about a week, so I finally got this one:, well, not looks as good as the purple one, but not that bad.
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    Post Your iPad Mini Case Thread This is my case.
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    Cases-- which for new iPad?, for your information.
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    Is it worth to get a keyboard for iPad?

    Just a follow here, I have to say Bluetooth keyboard is very good to use, you guys should get one.
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    Which iPhone 5 case are you getting?

    Link: Price: 19.98$ Picture:
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    Need help for my HTC phone

    This is useful, thanks
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    Does Anyone Get Good iPhone 5 Case?

    Wow, that's really cheap, thanks.
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    Does Anyone Get Good iPhone 5 Case?

    iPhone 5 is just released, but there are already some websites who have iPhone 5 case there, is that true? Seems like they know how would the iPhone 5 look like...Does anyone have gotten good iPhone 5 case? Where do you get it?
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    Official iPhone 5 Shipped & Tracking Thread

    It comes finally, I wish it can have a good user experience, so I can drop my HTC which can not open it sometimes
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    Need help for my HTC phone

    Ok, it got power off this morning, I charged it then, but two hours later, I can not open the phone, I tried many times, and I don't know why. Anyone has the same problem, please tell me, thanks very much. Well, it's suck...:mad: