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  1. bsharp

    Video-Out Discovery - Try this at your own risk!

    WARNING" I don't know how this will affect your iPad. Does anyone have any idea? To me, the video out adapter for the iPad (SVGA) is a pain. I don't know if anyone makes an adapter from SVGA to component or composite video or even HDMI, for that matter. SO... I took my iPad and used the...
  2. bsharp

    Will Composite or Component video cables work?

    I know the iPad will have video-out, but will the composite/component video cables for the iPhone work on the iPad, or are we going to have to purchase another $50 cable to view through a TV/external device? My guess is another cable because the voltage on the iPad power plug is 10 volts...
  3. bsharp

    Will size of video files be different?

    Currently, a typical movie takes about 1 gig of memory on my iPhone. I thought I had heard that the iPad screen resolution was higher than the iPhone. Will movie files on the iPad be different (due to higher resolution) or the same?
  4. bsharp

    Reading without Glasses!

    For 15 years, I've had to have glasses to read. One of the things I'm looking forward to is the ability to resize text of any book, so I won't need glasses. The iPhone can do this now. I assume the iPad will, as well. Can anyone confirm this?
  5. bsharp

    Upgrade or Downgrade?

    So,now that the new iPhone is out, is it an upgrade or a downgrade? Some say the screen is inferior, the plastic back is cheaper, the 3G reception is weak, the components are cheap and the gps chip is weak. Others suggest the iPhone 3G is a major step forward. Faster speeds, pin-point...
  6. bsharp

    How many do you think Apple will sell?

    I seem to recall that Apple sold about 600k iPhones on the iDay 1 weekend (June, 2007). Given that the iPhone 3G was released in over 20 countries, and that 1,000 AT&T stores and all the Apple stores sold out of their stock on Friday and Saturday, how many phones will Apple announce that it...
  7. bsharp

    Speculation: US is not target of iPhone 3G

    Here's a bit of speculation. From what I read, the iPhone wasn't selling well in England or Japan. I believe people thought the phone was too expensive in England and Japan has better high-speed infrastructure and v1 did not take advantage of that infrastructure. So, Apple released a new...
  8. bsharp

    Does 2.0 compress iPhone files?

    I can't explain this, but since upgrading to 2.0, I seem to have more free space on my 8 gig, v1 iPhone. I believe all of the same photos, music, videos, etc. that were on the phone with 1.4 are still there. I just seem to have 2 or 3 more gigs of free space than I did with version 1.4. Does...
  9. bsharp

    No Video Recorder App?

    I read months ago that someone had created an application to turn the iPhone camera into a video camera. It was part of a contest to see who could make the most useful applications for the iPhone and these guys won first place. I've searched the App store and I don't find any video recorders...
  10. bsharp

    3 iPhone 3G Reviews are in

    Apple Insider highlights three reviews of the iPhone 3G from the Wall Street Journal, USA Today and the NY Times. Here are some highlights: "Walt Mossberg | The Wall Street...
  11. bsharp

    Idea for New iPhone-Related Business

    Okay. I don't do eBay. I have nothing against it and have purchased from eBay, but just don't know the 'ins and outs' of the sales businesss on eBay. SO.... If someone were to offer to sell my v1 iPhone on eBay (along with wiping my data clean), I'd be willing to pay 10% to 20% for that...
  12. bsharp

    V1 iPhone can be used as a $600 iPod Touch

    According to AppleInsider, ( AT&T says those who upgrade to 3G iPhones can continue to use their v1 iPhones wirelessly, like an iPod Touch. "Original iPhone owners who prefer...
  13. bsharp

    Flash? Waiting on Adobe

    There's an interesting article at Appleinsider ( about implementing Flash on the iPhone. Here are a couple of paragraphs: "With respect to the iPhone, we are working on it," said Adobe...
  14. bsharp

    New Rebates?

    At least one source says those with first gen iPhones may be able to trade up to the 3G iPhones. "AT&T, which is the exclusive US provider of iPhone service, said clients will get a refund for the price difference." This may be the "tipping point" to make me get a new iPhone. (Note; Link...
  15. bsharp

    Introduce Upcoming Apps Here

    With iPhone 2.0 and the App Store just around the corner, is it possible for developers to tell us about their soon-to-be-released applications or are they bound by some Apple Nondisclosure Agreement? I'd like to know what's coming from third party developers. Strut your stuff! Tell us...
  16. bsharp

    22% Thinner

    According to Wired magazine, the new iPhone will be thinner. "Wired's Leander Kahney, arguably the most credible yet of those who've weighed in with alleged specs of Apple's upcoming 3G iPhone, is reporting the handset will be 22 percent thinner than its predecessor, not thicker as some...
  17. bsharp

    3G iPhone to Support 42 Mbps

    I'm not a techy, so I don't know how fast 42 Mbps is, but it sounds fast enough for me. (One source on the site said you could download a 4 meg song in about 4 seconds) Here's a piece from AppleInsider about the new service: "A senior executive for Australia's Telstra wireless carrier has...
  18. bsharp

    What New Applications Do You Want?

    The SDK has been out for months. Apple should open up iTunes for new apps in June. What 3rd party software would you like to see on your iPhone?
  19. bsharp

    Macs in Business (Businessweek article)

    Looks like Macs are making inroads in corporations, according to this Businessweek article. The iPhone is one of the "Trojan Horses" that is helping get them there.
  20. bsharp

    Smaller and Lighter iPhones?

    Appleinsider says the new iPhones will be 40 or 50 grams lighter and the screen will be 2.8 inches diagonally instead of 3.5 inches.