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  1. Hawk

    Do not upgrade to iOS 13

    I got the notification that 13 was available, but I tend to wait a little before updating due to bugs. Ho-boy, there are bugs. One reporter was quoted as calling it a “clusterfuck”. It’s bad. The DOD is even telling their people not to upgrade due to a big vulnerability. I am not going to list...
  2. Hawk

    My iPad Air impressions

    So the iPad Air is my first Apple tablet, and coming from being an iPhone user since the original, I wasn't sure exactly what to expect. Sure, I've seen them in stores, played with them a little, but owning and using one in a real world environment is a lot different than spending 10 minutes in...
  3. Hawk

    My iPad Air seems slow...

    Maybe it's just the apps I was using, but I actually bogged it down to a crawl. Actually locked it up using skyfire. Anyone else having issues? Sent using iCafe app
  4. Hawk

    So I'm looking for an "all in one" case...

    My iPad Air arrives tomorrow. I have spent a couple hours looking at possible case options, and then went to best buy and looked at them in person. 3 stand out as being top keyboard folio cases, all of them are about 99.00. #3- the new Zagg keyboard case with backlit keys. Great option if you...
  5. Hawk

    Google maps now available!

    If you are one of the many frustrated with Apple Maps, and can't find a suitable replacement yet, good news! Google Maps is now available in the App Store, and its free! The layout has changed a little to give more room for maps, and less borders and such, and it will take a little to get used...
  6. Hawk

    Problems with making calls and using data...

    Ok, so I chalked it up to a buggy iOS, but now I am not so sure. I have been having problems for weeks with not getting my notifications most of the time, and recently I found out that I am not getting voicemail notifications for days after the message is left. I was on the phone with Chase...
  7. Hawk

    Anyone else think that iOS 6 is buggy as hell?

    In all the versions of iOS I've used, (and that would be ALL of them) I've never had on that was so "buggy" as iOS 6. I get app crashes daily, and it's not necessarily the same apps crashing. In a lot of cases, it seems random. In other cases, it seems to happen when going from wifi to LTE, or...
  8. Hawk

    How much space is used in "other" on a clean iPhone 5?

    The reason I ask is that I backed up my old phone and then synced my new iP5 with my iTunes. My other is smaller than my jailbroken iPhone 4, but I want to make sure I don't have any extraneous software I'm unable to use tucked away in the OS
  9. Hawk

    Has anyone else seen this yet?

    This is from ZAGG's community blog, but it has pics of what they believe to be is the next iphone- complete with smaller dock port, bottom located headphone jack, and uni-body construction. The black pic shows the body without the next "top piece" in place, and the white one has the "top piece"...
  10. Hawk

    Jawbone icon for $24.99!

    Check it out! This is NOT a one day sale either. It's while supplies last. I love mine and I'm tempted to pick up a few more as spares.
  11. Hawk

    64GB AT&T 3G iPad for $449!!

    This is the original iPad, not the iPad 2 This sale can be found at
  12. Hawk

    So of those that upgraded to iOS 5

    So of those that upgraded to iOS5, who still likes iCloud? I am asking because there is a very small amount of what is does I find appealing and the rest I find a bit too "out there". I want my data, files, and media on my phone, not hanging out on some server somewhere. Especially with the...
  13. Hawk

    So is iOS worth losing my Jailbreak?

    Just curious. I use SBSettings a LOT and I love my fakeclockup. Those are really the only 2 jailbreak apps I have, but I don't want to give them up if iOS5 isn't something particularly special. And for the record, I don't want any iCloud services, so that is not a selling point.
  14. Hawk

    45,000 Verizon employees on Strike

    Just read this article on the CNN app. Apparently Verizon (who posted over 6 Billion is profits recently) is trying to cut costs with the employee wages and benefits. The unions aren't having it. Personally, I hate greedy businessses. And while I don't know the whole story, it is fairly obvious...
  15. Hawk

    Ok this is disturbing....

    Last night we had a block party for some neighbors that were back in town visiting. While talking to some of my neighbors, we were discussing the crime in the neighborhood and I mentioned that they could buy a 4 camera dvr system for around $150 online and where they should put them around the...
  16. Hawk

    The Good Joke Thread!

    We've heard the bad ones, now it's time for some good ones! I'll start this off with one of my all-time favorites about a Texas Chili Cook-off. *WARNING* strong langauge. They actually have a Chili Cook-off about the time Halloween comes around. It takes up a major portion of a parking lot at...
  17. Hawk

    RedEye Mini Ir Universal Remote

    As some of you know, I search for electronic device deals on Found some great deals on Jawbone headsets, as well as a few other items. One of their "partner sites" is called Ben's Outlet. This site is strictly electronic devices and nothing else. I found on there the RedEye Mini...
  18. Hawk

    AppleCare through Amazon

    I found AppleCare through amazon for only 50.99. Just thought I would put that out there since many iPhone 4 owners are approaching the end of their 1 year hardware warranty.
  19. Hawk

    New problem with lifetime usage stats

    I know you have all heard this before, but I did search and couldn't find the thread that discussed this problem before. Maybe I am using the wrong keywords... Anyway... Currently, my lifetime usage meter says :4,294,963,526 days, 4,294,963,526 hours (although you cannot read past the 4,2 for...
  20. Hawk

    Hate internet Advertisements? Opt-Out!

    Nothing pisses me off more than internet advertisements. Especially ones that seem to know your businesss from searches and sites. Besides using AdBlocker, I didn't think that there was much I could do, but I have found a solution...