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  1. spacerog

    SSH on iPhone

    _THAT_ will rock! SSH from anywhere direct from my iPhone? Ohhh boya! But SSH in is a good start. - SR
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    FMPro -> TXT -> Address Book -> iPhone?

    Thanks for the links RTPics but our contact database is customized mess. It was started in FMPro5 and has about 20 people make changes to it over the years. Not sure how well those scripts would work. I ended exporting the DB to Tab Delimited and then importing it into Address Book. I tried...
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    Apple Care for iPhone available

    Spamming your own website is against EIP rules here is the link direct to the Apple store $70 for two years. Hmmm, how does that compare for iPods? Seems kinda high. - SR
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    Delete podcasts from iPhone without connecting to iTunes

    I was wondering how long it would take before someone made a post with "[Something descriptive here will yield more responses]" as the subject. LOL! Imagine09, try again and use a description subject and you may get some valid responces. - SR
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    There are a couple of big long threads on Apple stock in the General Discussion forum. I think we need a dedicated Apple forum for topics like this though. I mean we have an AT&T forum. I have a few shares, I bought them after Mac World last January. Stock is way down today, about $3.80 from...
  6. spacerog

    New iPhone Activation Issue - Credit authorization number

    Well, the bosses phone finally accepted the credit check number. The phone is activated. Now I just gotta figue out how to get the 2000+ contact database into Address book. Gonna be a fun day today! - SR
  7. spacerog

    AT&T only activated 142,000 iPhones the last 2 days of June

    I just had a thought, that 146K activation number could be just from Friday night and not the whole weekend. That would make sense I think. When does AT&T's month end? Does it end on the last calendar day or the end of the last week day? - SR
  8. spacerog

    AT&T only activated 142,000 iPhones the last 2 days of June

    I'm actually glad this news hit today, ahead of the earnings. Buy on rumour, Sell on News. Today and tomorrow will be down days. Earnings will be reported tomorrow afternoon. You can listen in here I expect good news on iPod and Mac sales. Maybe...
  9. spacerog

    My Boss Rules...

    Cool, but who owns the phone now? if you leave tomorrow, not saying that you will but if, who owns the phone? Will your work want the phone? Will you have to reimburse them for it? I hate it when work pays for stuff like that. I like to know that I own my stuff, especially when it come to data...
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    Just found something neat with the earphone clicker..

    This is on topic. Posted by Apple last week iPhone: Using the Stereo Headset The button does other things than just control music Decline an incoming call Press and hold for about two seconds, then let go. When you let go, two low...
  11. spacerog

    New iPhone Activation Issue - Credit authorization number

    I'm on hold with AT&T right now but I'm hoping someone can help while I wait... The boss is paranoid and does not want his SSN sent over iTunes. I told him to go down to AT&T and get a pre-approval credit check, which he did and gave me the number. So now I am trying to enter that code...
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    Something Fishy About iPhone mods MUST READ

    OK, I'm going to try to be nice here. You are entitled to your opinion. But let me try to explain something. Mods are different from hacks. Most of the mods here on EIP are simply replaceing one graphic file for another. The picture of a green battery for a blue or pink one. The iPhone software...
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    Just found something neat with the earphone clicker..

    Not to change the topic and completly hijack a thread but you better tell your boys to hurry up wit their run because I think if they wait until October it will be to late. So we have a bump in our pitching and bring in Gabbard and Lester with Schilling in the wings. What do you got? Some 40...
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    WARNING! Close hacking websites before you take your iPhone to the Apple store!

    You know why? Because Apple store employees are actively discouraged from visiting or posting to any non-Apple website about Apple products. That guys little slip of tounge of "I was looking at that site last night" could very well have been enough to get him fired if it was overhead by a...
  15. spacerog

    iPhone AT&T Contract, Anyone actually read it?

    IANAL but the illegality of one part of a contract does not necessarily invalidate the whole contract. - SR
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    Security Alert: first iPhone vulnerability

    Duplicate thread. Just a different article about the same thing. For those to lazy to click the link here are the first two paragraphs Today's New York Times includes iPhone Flaw Lets Hackers Take Over, Security Firm Says (never let it be said that American paper headlines aren't literal) by...
  17. spacerog

    iPhone MAC address OUI

    Apple has about 13 MAC Address blocks 00:03:93:xx:xx:xx 00:05:02:xx:xx:xx 00:0A:27:xx:xx:xx 00:0A:95:xx:xx:xx 00:0D:93:xx:xx:xx 00:11:24:xx:xx:xx 00:14:51:xx:xx:xx 00:16:CB:xx:xx:xx 00:17:F2:xx:xx:xx 00:19:E3:xx:xx:xx 00:1B:63:xx:xx:xx 00:30:65:xx:xx:xx 00:50:E4:xx:xx:xx...
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    Something Fishy About iPhone mods MUST READ

    This thread is alittle bit of paranoia from people that just don't understand the technology. Most of the mods here on EIP deal with simply swapping out graphic files, .png's. Simply changing one logo for another. Thats it. The 'hack' that was reported so widely in the media this morning...
  19. spacerog

    NEWS: Vodafone Cooling on iPhone for UK

    I'll admit I don't know a lot about the UK market but after looking at the US release and the demand that I know exists for iPhones imported to Europe _today_ despite the lack of any cell service or being forced to pay roaming charges I have to look at the iPhone, as is, as being a money maker...
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    NEWS: Vodafone Cooling on iPhone for UK

    Vodafone cooling on the iPhone? Vodafone is known to be interested in negotiating an exclusive deal to distribute the iPhone in the UK and was an early favourite to do such a deal – but in the...