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  1. ZR_Yancy

    Post Your Last Purchase

    Samsung Gear 360
  2. ZR_Yancy

    Post Your Last Purchase

    My GF just got one of those. I shot it and it's a very nice gun. I'm thinking about picking up a pocket pistol as well. Possibly the M&P Shield 9mm Performance Center. The single stack is much more comfortable than my current EDC which is a Springfield XD Mod.2 Subcompact .45ACP 3.3".
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    Good luck driving in LA. Lots of police chases and road rage. Jacksonville isn't bad. Every city has its bad places. LA has South Central, Jacksonville has the Northside. Mayo Clinic is downtown so you won't have to deal with the Northside. The Gulf Coast has beautiful beaches and sunsets, Tampa...
  4. ZR_Yancy

    iPhone SE Where is the iPhone SE forum?

    Why no sub-forum for the new iPhone SE? Looks to be an alternative to keep a smaller form factor with some up to date hardware. What do you all think?
  5. ZR_Yancy

    The Force Awakens w/SPOILERS

    When I saw Han and Leia, I got a little choked up as well. A day or two after watching the movie, I kept saying how I couldn't believe Han is gone. He was a big part of Star Wars. Luke looked a lot older than Han. Maybe it was that beard. Rey seems to be the ultimate combo of Luke with her...
  6. ZR_Yancy

    Post Your Last Purchase

    Couple of weeks ago. My GF and I got each other these for Christmas. For her: Springfield Armory XDM 9mm, 3.8 inch. For me: Springfield Armory XD9 Mod.2 9mm, 4 inch.
  7. ZR_Yancy

    Sold my Apple watch

    I'm disappointed that devs have not updated their apps to run natively on the watch. It seems like the watch isn't getting the support that Apple was expecting from app devs.
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    Post Your Last Purchase

    Got my LG Watch Urbane LTE 2nd Edition. It's the first Android Wear device to have LTE and GPS. Had to get a smartwatch to go with my Note 5. It's a really nice wearable with tons of interactive watch faces. It has built in GPS and LTE/3G radio so I don't need my smartphone when I go running. It...
  9. ZR_Yancy

    iPhone 6s Thinking of trading iPhone 6s Plus for Galaxy Note 5

    I have both iPhone 6s Plus and a Note 5. The Note 5 is a productive powerhouse with the S-Pen and S-note app.
  10. ZR_Yancy

    Live Photos as watch faces

    I can set a live photo on my watch face from the album. I didn't have to sync any special folder.
  11. ZR_Yancy

    What's Your Favorite Feature On Your Apple Watch?

    Its an app called exercise pulse.
  12. ZR_Yancy

    iPhone 6s Wi-Fi Calling Now Available for AT&T Users

    Is your iPhone 6s an AT&T device? I've read that it won't work if you have an unlocked iPhone 6s from another carrier or int'l version because AT&T hasn't figured out how to provision those devices yet.
  13. ZR_Yancy

    iPhone 6s Wi-Fi Calling Now Available for AT&T Users

    For those of you who initially activated it and don't see it anymore, from what I understand, it will only automatically enable itself if you cell signal gets really bad or no signal at all. You can simulate this my enabling airplane mode and enabling Wifi while in airplane mode. This will...
  14. ZR_Yancy

    iPhone 6s Wi-Fi Calling Now Available for AT&T Users

    Did you enable airplane mode then turn on Wifi while still in airplane mode?
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    Which Safari content blocker(s) are you using?

    Yup. Already got it back.
  16. ZR_Yancy

    Which Safari content blocker(s) are you using?

    I use Peace which has been removed from the AppStore. I'm suspecting he must've been paid nicely by somebody to remove it.
  17. ZR_Yancy

    Telephone call sound..

    I have used it for phone calls and it seems a bit louder but I hold the watch near my face when talking so that may be why it sounds louder but the ringtone isn't loud enough in a noisy environment.
  18. ZR_Yancy

    Telephone call sound..

    I've ever depended on hearing the watch except for my wake up alarm. The taptic feedback is what gets my attention when I have it on my wrist because the sound is not loud enough. Mute is always on now.
  19. ZR_Yancy

    iPhone 6s Comparisons to competitors' phones

    My iPhone 6s Plus is faster and handles multitasking better than my Note 5. However, the camera on my Note 5 seems to produce more crisp images. Apple's noise reduction is way too aggressive that causes watercolor effect and is really noticeable on blurred backgrounds when you zoom in. The 4K...
  20. ZR_Yancy

    iPhone 6s iPhone 6s & 6s Plus Pre-order and Tracking

    Yes. Apple announced that during the opening weekend, they sold 13 million iPhones which beats last years record of 10 million.