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  1. Kobel1up

    iPhone XS Setting up iPhone

    So since everyone in this section is getting the new iPhone I want to ask this question. I had some issues with setting up my X when I upgraded last year and I don’t want the same headache this year. When I backed up my 7+ it wouldn’t allow me to choose that back up when I went to restore. It...
  2. Kobel1up

    iPhone X Drop test X

    This may ha e been posted or maybe not. After I broke my screen I started looking into drop tests. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  3. Kobel1up

    iPhone X Bad luck

    So I’ve had an iPhone since the iPhone 4 and never had this happen. I received my X last Friday. Had it in my pocket and it slipped out landed face down and cracked the screen. I have insurance, but it’s on back order and no word on when it will be available. I don’t know if new Apple...
  4. Kobel1up

    Talk about impatient

    So I had to run some errands today with my wife. I knew my phone would be delivered today, but fedex doesn’t deliver here until afternoon. So I go shopping and when I get home I see a, “delivery attempt”. I called fedex because I only missed them by 20 min. And I know I can’t wait till Monday...
  5. Kobel1up

    Catalyst water proof case

    I am at the beach right now as I right this and I worry about water getting into my watch. I made a trip to Best Buy and purchased the catalyst water proof watch case for my series 1 watch. I like the rugged look and it is very comfortable to wear. Follow the water testing instructions and then...
  6. Kobel1up

    iPhone 7 Got a suspicious email from apple

    Got an email today from apple on my iCloud account. It said that I wasn't using my iTunes account and if I wanted to keep it I needed to click a link. Now I am real sure it is a bogus email because my iTunes account uses my gmail account. Also because I don't believe apple would send a link for...
  7. Kobel1up

    First day with the Apple Watch

    Well I wanted the Apple Watch since it came out but I don't normally jump into new technology when it comes out. I waited until now to purchase one. I am impressed with it so far. I tried many of the fun features. I answered a call from my wife on it, and sent a few messages. I used it as a...
  8. Kobel1up

    wanting some info on cydia jailbreak

    thinking of jailbreaking my iPad mini. cydia seems to be the way to go, but I want to know what your thoughts are here. Is their a better way to go on this? any help is appreciated.
  9. Kobel1up

    MacBook Pro Can't move files to my Seagate external HD

    Ok, so this is the first time that I have had this problem. I am able to move files from my seagate onto my MBP, but when I try to move those files to my external hard drive it won't accept them. It just gives me a circle with a slash through it. I have used this hd for a year with no issues...
  10. Kobel1up

    MacBook Pro Need some help with iPhoto

    If this is not in the right place could one of the administrators move it to the right location. Here is my problem, I have a MBP running mountain lion and I would like to move all my pictures to a seagate external HD. I only want to move the photos and home movies and not do a complete back...
  11. Kobel1up

    Change iCloud Apple ID without losing contacts, saved games

    I have looked for my answer on bing and did a quick search here. I didn't get my answer and am now turning to a thread. Some time ago I wanted to allow my wife to link here iCloud with mine because I had purchased the extra storage. I read on Apple how to do it, and followed the directions...
  12. Kobel1up

    Just got my mini

    I just got my mini in the mail today and for the few minutes I got to play with it, I love it. I have had an ipad 2 for 2 years, iPhone 4 for 2 years a MacBook Pro and I had to get a mini. This will be my last Apple for a year then I plan to buy a Mac. I chose the white 16g and will use it...
  13. Kobel1up

    I cannot stand Facebook

    Is it just me? or does anyone else out there who can't stand FaceBook? I will admit, I jumped the myspace ship long ago. Back when FB was still growing and it was cool. I loved to connect with friends and you didn't have those stupid pages like on myspace that were bright green with orange...
  14. Kobel1up

    MacBook Pro Do I need an antivirus?

    I did a search first on this, saw some talk about antivirus but not mentioned with MacBook. I have heard that Apple computers get less virus attacks then pc. When I bought my MBP they didn't try to sell me antivirus. I remember when I got my Toshiba they pushed norton and kerprasky hard. Just...