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  1. TheSnowman

    Not a developer, but able to download iOS 6 beta and updates?

    Ok so I went to a torrent site and dowloaded the beta for OS 6. and everything is fine. Well today I get an update alert for OS 6 beta 2 and im not even a developer...figured why not...tried it and it downloaded great. I shouldnt have been able to do this right?
  2. TheSnowman

    Sprint Shipment update

    Anyone who ordered from sprint should be getting tracking numbers soon. I just got a tracking number for my 32 gig but not the wife's 16 gig. I ordered them at the same time so they both better come at the same time shipping via UPS
  3. TheSnowman

    shipping question

    So those of us who oredered through ATT and Sprint probably wont get them a day early like Apple but we should all get the at least friday, saturday at the latest. From past years experience when do they usually ship out? Tuesday or Wednesday?
  4. TheSnowman

    Match question

    So correct me if Im wrong. Match is a program that uploads all your music, movies etc up to the Cloud. and for this we have to pay 25 a year? Sorry if this has been posted just trying to figure it out