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  1. Buc0727

    Verizon data?

    Does the lte data on Verizon waste fast cause I have unlimited on 4s n they said it works the same help me out n tell me data usage y'all go threw please so I can decide witheR to get the iPhone 5 or not
  2. Buc0727

    Stream movies between iPhone to iPad

    My iPhone is jailbroken but I would like to stream movies to my iPad is this possible if so can someone help me out Bucs iPad 3 icafe
  3. Buc0727

    T-Mobile getting iPhone

    Do you think T-Mobile is going to get the new iPhone 5 when it comes out?
  4. Buc0727

    how to use icafe with iPad

    how do i put pictures and screen shots from my ipad to icafe please help
  5. Buc0727

    SMS on iPhone 4 s jailbroken5.0.1

    Bite SMS don't work help please or any other SMS with quickreply
  6. Buc0727

    Keyboard with mouse option

    i think some big company should come out with a keyboard with a lil mouse pad deal cause i hate and pretty sure others r having to type then touch your screen it gets boring after awhile what yall think