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    Journalist seeks reaction to iPhone price drop

    I agree that is seemed like a big drop really soon. I understand that tech items drop but %33 in 2 months. That does seem like a slap in the face to those of us who did wait in line and helped hype the device. It would have been different if Apple did this in December but 2 months was brutal...
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    Confirmed iPod Accessories that work for iPhone

    I picked up the iSimple, iPod to factory car stereo kit from Best Buy. It works very nicely in my MR2 Spyder with the iPhone. Just FYI for anyone still trying to hook one up with a factory stereo.
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    Time Problem?

    ok I figured it out. It was holding bad time for some reason. i went into settings and told it not to auto set then flipped it back to auto set. That made it finally work. Just FYI
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    Time Problem?

    Does anyone else have issues with the time in the header bar at the top of the Home screen? Mine doesn't seem to be correct but I can't figure out why? When I wake the phone up the correct time shows. Then I slide to unlock and the home screen shows. The time that appears at the very top is...
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    Average Activation Time in the Southeast?

    2:15. I finally got someone on the phone that got me activated. I started at 7:45 Friday night. I don't wish that upon anyone. Glad I can see more than the globe now.
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    Average Activation Time in the Southeast?

    Yeah i don't see how that will matter. Unless they mean delays with charging it :laugh2:
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    Average Activation Time in the Southeast?

    I just spoke to someone who said the delay was with my port. I had her connect me with the porting department. They put a recording on the phone that I had to agree to to finalize the porting of the number. I then was told that I now have to wait on the activations department to activate my...
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    Just locked my phone...HARD. lol

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    Activation FINALLY complete!

    I got the "port pending" line too. They told me they are waiting on Sprint to release it. I shuld now wait 10 more hours... so I called Sprint. They said they sent the confirmation,etc. yesterday! I am back on the phone with AT&T.
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    Activation FINALLY complete!

    10 days! Who did you switch from!?
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    Activation FINALLY complete!

    I am 36.5 hours into this trying to port from Sprint. All they can say is "you have to wait"
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    Average Activation Time in the Southeast?

    I'm right there with you buddy. I am coming up on 36 hours. I didn't try the new sim trick. I was told that it would screw up my number port. Sigh....$640 to dial 911....
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    Did they ACTIVATE your phone?

    I called earlier today to find out what was going on. I was told that they were going to manually port my number. Evidently the system didn't "catch it" last night. I just passed my 24 hour mark and called to find out what was going on. I was told the lovely news that since the system crapped...
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    Average Activation Time in the Southeast?

    Me too 24 hours +. Raising hell with them now.
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    Did they ACTIVATE your phone?

    I just passed the 19 hour mark. How could AT&T have not been prepared for this? They supposedly hired extra employees but did anyone think of load testing these activation procedures? While I am grateful that I got one yesterday, I feel that a $640 emergency call device might be a tad expensive.
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    Any dead or stuck pixels?

    I think I have a stuck pixel. I can live with that for now. I just want to get past this activation nightmare. 15 hours...
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    Any other AT&T stores have their server crash while selling iPhones?

    I was number 4 in my line and it took me almost an hour to get out because of the server crash. Then they couldn't get the code to give me to put in iTunes to bypass the credit check. Now I wait for the activation email.
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    I've got mine...still has not activated...

    What store were you at? North Charleston was a blast all day!
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    New Accounts

    They made me come home and redo my credit check. Apparently because I was transferring from Sprint their system wasn't ready to handle credit checks for new accounts in the store. It never gave them the code to give me to put into iTunes. I had to redo my credit check at home. While I was...
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    No Campers In Charleston

    Cool thanks for the info.:laugh2: Nah, I don't use AIM.