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  1. medenblik

    What Options missing from new 5S

    I feel the 128GIG option is missing from 5S..... really bummed about that, but i will survive with a 64GIG 5S
  2. medenblik

    Come On Apple...What are the TRUE SPECS for new iPhone 5(S)

    the rumors are so widespread. I am really hoping Apple will announce it soon. Inquiring minds need to know when the latest and greatest IP will drop. I am hoping they will have an announcement soon, hopefully in August we will know more.
  3. medenblik

    BIGU App

    Anyone else having issues with BIGU? over the last week it stopped working, i tried on my laptop, desktop, IP5 and all give error when trying to play or d/l movies.. i tried emailing ifortner but all my emails have some back saying undeliverable so is anyone else experiencing this too?
  4. medenblik

    Cydia error problem with mergelist /var/lib/dpkg/status

    Mine has been doing this for the past few days... anyone else have this happen to? I have only 9 sources (I deleted 4) and still get same error. I haven't added anything new...i check Cydia to see if I have any updates and it was about a week since i last checked Cydia.. just wondering...
  5. medenblik

    Clear background in Folders

    is there a cydia app that has Clear background.....when i open the folder.. I want to be able to see my homscreen when I open the folder..does that make sense? thanks
  6. medenblik

    No slide to unlock

    Can someone help me remember what this is called. I configured it in settings and it would make the slide to unlock disappear. I would just have to slide my finger across the bottom of screen but nothing is there but it would unlock when I would swipe it across. I hate the slide to unlock...
  7. medenblik

    Element Sector for good?

    Is it worth the 149 dollar price tag? I want the silver one for my White IP5.
  8. medenblik

    Sept 12th Announcement
  9. medenblik

    Camera APP issue.....closes to homescreen

    JB 5.1.1 iPhone 4S... i can open the camera app but when i take a pic, it doesn't save looks like it with spinning wheel but it will close to homescreen without saving it... has anyone else have this happen? it doesn't do it all the time and a respring usually fixes it. just...
  10. medenblik

    Receiving group texts sends iPhone 4S into safe mode

    I had this issue on 5.0.1 Untethered JB and thought when I JB as a NEW PHONE I wouldn't have this issue.... Well it exists now on 5.1.1 Untethered JB on my IP4S... Happens when I receive a group is annoying... anyone else experience this?
  11. medenblik

    App Store issue after JB............when updating apps

    Never had this issue before in all previous JB's. IP4S running 5.1.1 when I have apps to update in app store, as soon as I say update all, it throws my IP4S into safe mode......but it does update the apps...........I click restart from safe mode and all is well...
  12. medenblik

    Notification/Banner issue after 5.1.1 JB

    I have iPhone 4S running 5.1.1 untethered JB and everything is working except notifications. you know when you get an email, text it will flash a banner on the screen you can either swipe to read or let it be and it disappears..... worked great when i was on 5.0.1 JB, but stopped after 5.1.1...
  13. medenblik

    Issue with WeatherIcon

    I have always used this in past JB's IP3, IP3GS, iPhone 4 and now trying to use it again with IP4S. you get it off Cydia and you enable it in allows you to put the weather on the STATUS BAR (temperature number) it worked on my brothers IP4S and also my friends 4S but it...
  14. medenblik

    iPhone 4S picture problems

    Has anyone else had this issue. I take photos and then when I open my camera app, I see the picture in the bottom left corner but when I try to open the pictures they are all Blurry and pixelated. It just started happening this afternoon. Also some pictures just show BLACK too. Very weird...
  15. medenblik

    iOS 5.0-iPhone4S-Untethered JB

    Why not Untethered JB yet? I heard November 11th but it came and went. anyone have a clue when an UN-Tethered JB will be released for iPhone 4S running IOS 5.0?
  16. medenblik

    Pentelope screw driver for iPhone 4S back.

    What size and where to buy one? i bought a backplate from SW-Box but it doesn't come with a pentelope screw driver need to know where I can get one
  17. medenblik

    When is the announcement of the iPhone 5?

    Anyone hear anything regarding the announcement of the iPhone 5. I thought it was supposed to be today. Inquiring minds want to know...
  18. medenblik

    iTunes error. Saying not able to backup.

    I updated to newest iTunes and it synced just fine. iPhone 4 running 4.3.2 JB, but now today it gies through the sync and then gets to the end and then gives this error saying iPhone disconnected, but iPhone4 is connected. I have attached the error.
  19. medenblik

    anyone else have this Issue.......lose all folders when update apps.

    like the title states.... I have 4.3.2 JB and it started this past week, where iTunes has updates to apps, I update and then all folders are gone and all my apps are spread among the pages...... I have folder enhancer and I also downloaded un-folder (where you can delete a whole folder), but I...
  20. medenblik

    Cydia Folder Tweak

    OK i have Folder Enhancer and folder closer but they are not doing what I thought this other tweak did when I was on 4.1 I am on 4.3.1 and lets say I am on page three and open a folder and open an app in that folder, and then when I close the app it brings me to page 3 and not to page...