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  1. KTORRES1120

    Help with JB1.1.3 sounds

    just JB 1.1.3 and everything is fine except I have no sounds now. And I need my alarm to wake up in 4 hours! Help!
  2. KTORRES1120

    Just updated to 1.1.3 and...

    ...I still have my own Carrier icon that I created through MIM. Does this mean I didn't upgrade properly? My carrier icon said KT&T on my JB OTB 1.1.2 then after going to 1.1.3 I thought all that stuff would be gone and everything would start fresh? But my carrier icon still shows as KT&T. I...
  3. KTORRES1120

    Can't change Weather Location

    My weather location is stuck on Cupertino and New York. Is there any way to change this?
  4. KTORRES1120

    HELP, iPhone JUST DIED....

    2 week old out of the box, jailbroken, fully charged iPhone just went dead on me. I was making a call then hung up and put it back in my pocket...5 minutes later when I take it's dead and I can't turn it back on! Any ideas?