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    HORRIBLE activation process

    Same here. Just give it time, the servers are most likely getting slammed right now.
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    Think I might be on TV

    A friend of mine works for a local TV station, and when I told him I was seriously considering camping out for the iPhone, he gave my information to one of their journalists, who just called me. They want to do a story on the iPhone, what's compelling about it, camping out for it, etc. They're...
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    credit check?

    I was wondering about the credit check too, since I'm a college student with limited credit history, and I've only had a credit card for a few months. I went to the AT&T store where I plan to buy the iPhone (and camp out the night before!) and had them to a credit check for me. Turns out my...
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    Des Moines, IA?

    I just spoke with the head of the mall's security, and they will be allowing campers outside of the two entrances closest to the Apple Store and the AT&T store, respectively. No fires or tent stakes dug into the ground, naturally, and once the doors open at 7 AM no folding chairs or anything...
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    Des Moines, IA?

    Hey, I was there today also! I actually heard the exact opposite thing: that camping was probably going to be allowed. I went to the mall management office and spoke with the secretary there, and she told me that Apple and AT&T had met with the mall's management and they had decided on a...
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    Apple Releases iPhone Activation Video

    What's the credit check that the video says AT&T will perform? I'm a college student and just got my first credit card a few months ago. I'll have no problem paying the monthly bill on time, but I don't want to be denied the opportunity to buy the phone in the first place due to limited credit...
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    Apple Releases iPhone Activation Video

    I see a potential problem here: In the past, iTunes has occasionally grinded to a halt when new services and features have been activated. Will it be able to handle potentially millions of people trying to activate their phones and create new AT&T accounts? I really hope Apple has not...
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    Honest questions answered.

    I am a 20 year old college student. When it's raining or really cold I drive a 1993 '88 Oldsmobile, otherwise you see me being white and nerdy on my Segway. I play the violin and enjoy hanging out with my sister or my fraternity.
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    Des Moines, IA?

    Hello everyone, First post here :). I was just wondering if anybody else in the Des Moines area was interested in camping. I'm totally up for it, but I don't want to be the only one there. Reply here if you're interested!